Dash Dolls: Kardashian Sisters For Khroma Beauty (Will You Rock Kimmy, Khloe, and Kourt's New Makeup Line?)

Dash Dolls: Kardashian Sisters For Khroma Beauty (Will You Rock Kimmy, Khloe, and Kourt’s New Makeup Line?)

Koming to a beauty counter near you… The Kardashian sisters are ready to unveil their latest line, Khroma Beauty, and have just released glam shots in their K-stamped beauty products on Facebook. The line will focus heavily on mascara and  false lashes galore.

In a press release, the sisters say their mission is to provide beauty products for all skin tones:

“The brand will attempt to “resonate strongly with multi-ethnic women of all ages who aspire to the Kardashian style of beauty,” according to a press release for the cosmetics line.”

You can get glam like a Dash doll when Khroma Beauty is released in early Novembe. Get your Christmas stockings ready, glammies.

Check out the sisters’ beauty shots below.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    HELL NO! nothing they do will get support from me.. a bunch of talentless floozys!

    • chaka1


    • uuhhuuu

      same here and besides i dont see any change lol the look looks like a look i have seen many times before smh if they wanna make money on this atleast they can bring out something that one company dont have yet

  • Jane

    Nope, I will never support them.

  • Sara

    Only interested in the products if they are organic and don’t contain harsh chemicals. Id rather be natural than full of poison.


    the jenner girls look just like khloe..

  • busty

    If it ain’t Mac, it ain’t right!!

  • I’m buying it!!! I’m buying all of Evelyn’s product because I LOVE make up. If their product is good I’m buying it