The Baddest Baldies in the Bizness (Amber Rose, Alek Wek & more)

The Baddest Baldies in the Bizness (Amber Rose, Alek Wek & more)

In a land of weaves, wigs, presses and kinks there are only a few ladies who can really rock the baldie with minimal hair and the most confidence. It takes a very special woman to cut off all their hair and let their face speak for itself without the accessory of hair and what length or color is hot for that moment. Not falling into the beauty mold that society has presented to us, these women are not only the baddest baldies in the business, but they are fearless, beautiful and it’s obvious that they could care less about what others think in general. Extremely low maintenance coupled with standout makeup and beautiful facial features is the look that these ladies prefer instead of following the latest hair trend. And we here at Styleblazer are not mad at that. Here are the baddest baldies of them all:
Slideshow below:

Alek Wek:
This Sudanese supermodel may not be the standard, but one thing is for sure – she commands all the attention when she’s walking the runway or into a any room for that matter.

  • Orlonda Larkin

    I love this look!!! I have cut off my perm and rocking a mini fro now. 🙂

  • Natprime

    Remember Grace Jones, Roshumba and Gin Clarke!