'Good Morning America' Has 'Clueless' Cast Come Back For Fun Reunion

‘Good Morning America’ Has ‘Clueless’ Cast Come Back For Fun Reunion


It’s been 17 years since the cult classic film, Clueless was out in theaters but each character still has a special place in our hearts. As a part of their All-Star Reunion Blowout series, Good Morning America got Cher, Dionne, Murray, Travis, Amber, Christian and Miss Geist for a fun photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly and interview.



Stars Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash talked about all the crazy fashion– including the plaid skirt-suits– and working on such an iconic film. Silverstone said, “I didn’t understand fashion at all. I had sixty changes and I was so tired, and I didn’t understand why I had to keep having fittings. And so I kind of hated them, and when I saw the movie, I was like, I understand.” The cast reminisced about the favorite lines, how the film was initially received and how fans still approach them today. We almost swelled up when they all spoke about working with the late Brittany Murphy, who they said was incredibly, almost ‘unbelievably’ sweet. If you were a huge fan like us, it was great to see all the the gang all together looking good!

For the full interview, go to Good Morning America.


Which Clueless character was your favorite?


-Danielle Kwateng

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