Silly or Pure Genius? Nail Polish Protectors To Cover Wet Nails As They Dry (Yea, We Did A Double Take Too)


Nails in Motion may have created the most genius invention in the 21st century. They may look a little silly but these Nail Polish Protectors—invented to prevent your nails from smudging after a fresh mani—may have solved an old problem all of us girls have dealt with one too many times.

Looking for your car keys coming from the nail salon, digging in your bag in search for your wallet and/or house keys all while potentially messing up your new nails is a thing of the past with these nail polish protectors. For $24.99, these oddly shaped (though we think they’re completely genius) nail polish protectors can be yours! For more information, go here.




Are you going to get them?


-Tunisia Z. Wilson



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