19 Party Dresses For The Curvy Girl. Get Ready To Hit The Dance Floor

19 Party Dresses For The Curvy Girl (Get Ready To Hit The Dance Floor)

While the ever popular bandage dress looks great on a petite girl, it may not be the best party dress for the curvy girl. When you’re partying the last thing you want is to be tugging at an ill-fitting dress all night. We have a solution to all of those problems. Here are 19 party dresses for the curvy girl.



Fairground Gorilla Skater Dress $167.11

  • Tiff

    I would’ve preferred to see actual “curvy” girls modelling these outfit selections to get a better gauge on how these styles flatter a more voluptuous body frame.

  • Thenji Maynard

    Is it a coincidence that they gave her the gorilla dress to model?

  • Candacey Doris

    None of these dresses look like things actual curvy girls would wear. At all. I expected to see some IGIGI or Monif C. dresses. YOu know, stuff that actually is tailored to flatter curves. This was a fail.

  • Kim

    What are you doing, Styleblazer? Websites like you are the reason women think they are fat unless they are twigs. Please, take this down or change the name to Party Dresses for the Supermodels.

  • HelpfulDiva

    As a curvy woman I would not wear any of these dresses. For the most part they would all make me look fat instead of curvy. By the way I did not see a curve anywhere in these photos. I just have to shake my head.

  • Natasha Barrett

    These are not curvy girls!!!!!

  • Annoyed

    What the hell is this? Not only are these dresses RIDICULOUSLY expensive for a “party” but you say they’ll loom great on curvy women and then show exactly zero pictures of curvy women in dresses. Fail x10000000000

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