StyleBlazer’s Crazy Spooky Cool Halloween Costume Ideas (Inspired By Nicki Minaj, “Gangnam Style” Psy, & Many More!)

October is here, and we’re well on our way to arguably the most fun holiday of the season: Halloween! It’s the day you can revisit your childhood by being exactly who you wanted to be when you grew up, eating as much candy you possibly can and wearing as much—or as little—as you see fit! If you’re still in need of a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered with our series of pop culture figures who are guaranteed to land you the title as the craziest, sultriest or coolest-dressed contestant at any costume party.

Click through to see how you can channel these crazy looks!


Lady Gaga

This one should be easy. Take one nude leotard, attach a few toy soldiers and strap on a cat eye mask and voile, you’re Lady Gaga!

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