Video Rewind: Nicki Minaj Gets Pretty In Pink, Backs It Up On Justin Bieber In “Beauty And A Beat”

Woah, boy. Justin Bieber shot and directed his latest pool party blast of a video, “Beauty And A Beat.” We’re wondering if he wrote in his “whine it back one time” grind with Nicki Minaj, or if it was an impromptu treat from Queen Barb. Nicki is a bubbly confection of pink in the pop titan’s soon to be VEVO record setter. With her tutu, pom poms and pink ombre ‘do, she’s a brown Malibu Barbie who just spotted her young Ken. Rawr!

Check out the Biebs and Nicki in “Beauty And A Beat” after the jump.

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  1. says:

    she looks plastic, will all the real women in entertainment please stand up!

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