Lord Lagerfeld Decrees Runway Models Are Right Size And Slams Fat Mummies

Lord Lagerfeld Decrees Runway Models Are Right Size (And Slams Fat Mummies)

‘Uncle’ Karl, the man we love for not only the amazing pieces he sends down the runway, but also for his ability to shock us with his ridiculous draw dropping quotes, is at it again.  This time, Lagerfeld is claiming that models on the runway are not too skinny and that only “fat mummies” would say otherwise.  It’s quite evident that he has not learned his lesson, since it was not too long ago that he had to apologize to singer Adele for calling her “a little too fat.”

It seems to be an ongoing verbal war between Lagerfeld and the common “fat mummies,” who he no doubt believes is “ruining fashion,” probably because of their inability to appreciate the beauty of an emaciated, bone baring model.  In an interview with a U.K based news channel Lagerfeld stated that in the future  it would “unfortunately be okay” for women to be fat, but as of right now it is not.  Here are some women that ‘uncle’ Karl should fear, for they are paving the path and making it “okay for women to be fat.”



  • If Beyonce is fat then “effing” PASS THE COOKIES! Lagerfeld is an idiot. CURVES ROCK!

  • MySay91

    Fat is not where it’s at. Way too many fatties out there.

  • PHtaxpayer

    I agree! hehe

  • Scales7

    We all think it, Lord Karl speaks it.