Black | Up, The Luxury Makeup Line for Women of Color

Have You Heard Of Black|Up, The Luxury Makeup Line for Women of Color?

The buzz around the beauty industry for the past couple of months is Black|Up, a luxury beauty brand for women of color which has actually been around for ten years in Paris, France but is now available in the States online. Full of high intense pigment colors in lipsticks and eyeshadows, Black|Up also caters to our oily skin popular amongst many women of color with mattefying powders and foundations in a full range of colors.

This luxury brand will be in the ranks of Chanel and Tom Ford Beauty once it officially launches in the states which is extraordinary because MAC is the only brand in department stores that speaks directly to women of color. Along with MAC, Make Up For Ever is another highly pigmented brand that offer an extensive range of makeup at a luxury level for us and the idea of having another option available in these slim pickings will be such a breath of fresh of air. Here are some more images on the next pages about this exclusive brand we are highly anticipating.

  • Deedee_404

    I already use it. Looks GREAT on dark skinned women.

    • Kat Lloyd

      Where can I find these products "Queen"???

  • I've seen Black Up on several sites and would love to try it but have not seen it in stores. Does anyone know where it's sold?

  • Love Strung

    Beautiful indeed. It's clear that maybe they need some YouTube "Guru's" working for this site, this line has been out for some time now, they do have some good quality products and they are on the pricey side of things no deals here. The site is