The Most Daring Album Covers From The Past Decade - The Covers Make You Want To Buy The Album!

The Most Daring Album Covers From The Past Decade (These Covers Make You Want To Buy The Album!)

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The album art is something that everyone is interested in seeing when an artists releases a new album. The cover an album can sell it for some artists, so we compiled a list of the most daring album covers from the past decade. What do you think of the list?

Usher – Confessions Part II


Look at those abs! Wouldn’t you want to buy it just to stare at those and maybe even lick the cover a little? It was 2004 and Usher was looking fine.

Lil’ Kim – La Bella Mafia


Some properly placed suspenders and nip-covers make this Lil’ Kim cover very hot. She may have packed on some pounds since then and went a little crazy, but let’s marvel in this cover for now.

Ice-T – Gangsta Rap



When your wife looks like that you better be putting her on the cover of your albums! A nice moment for the couple, so why not show off the butt that Coco is known for?

Rihanna – Unapologetic


Rihanna’s new album isn’t even out yet and it is causing controversy. Apparently she is in a “I don’t give a f***” mood lately and her album is stating that, with a little boob shot here and there!

Beyonce – Dangerously In Love


Beyonce left Destiny’s Child behind and started her solo career and this was her debut album cover in 2003. Crystals, the boobs showing a little and a toned stomach. Girl was working it!

Hinder – Extreme Behavior


The album is titled Extreme Behavior, so you have to assume the cover will be racy. Boobs, a red bra and some pictures…it works!

Toni Braxton – Libra


This is simple and not too whorish, but it is very hot. Toni is showing off the stomach a little and just has a hot look going on for her…agree?

Pussycat Dolls – PCD


The Pussycat Dolls used to wear less on stage when performing, but we do see the abs of some of them and the short shirts, so gotta like it.

Heavenly – Carpe Diem



It may be animated, but it is showing a lot in this picture and it is a lesbian scene, so the guys will go crazy over it. Animation looks so real sometimes!

Steel Panther – Balls Out



You first of all see the giant jugs she has on top, but then to make it weird she has some silver balls hanging between her legs. Fitting for the album title, but still a little bizarre and hot all at one time.

Christina Aguilera – Lotus


Christina’s album is coming out in November and we all know she has packed on a few pounds since her younger days (keep checking the slides, you’ll see proof), but can anyone say Photoshop??? She is nipped and tucked in this picture and the hair is placed in just the right location.

Goldfrapp – Supernature


She may look like a peacock, but there is something about this picture that is sexual. Covering her boob with her hand and the side shot…looks good.

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream


Her parents are very religious, but Katy Perry comes out unclothed on a cloud? Is this what teenagers are dreaming about? It worked, as the record was a huge hit!

Kylie Minogue – Fever


That is a whole lotta leg on Ms. Minogue and good for her. All white and rocking it. We see a little butt and I bet this gave a lot of guys the fever.

Liz Phair – Liz Phair


Guys like blondes. Guys like guitars. Guys like girls without many clothes on. Guys will like this cover. Something about a girl in a band and a rocker and the guys go crazy.

Rihanna – Talk That Talk


When you release an album at least once every year, you are bound to make the list a couple times, especially when you are Rihanna. She looks to be licking those lips for everyone and who would complain about that?

Gods of the Radio – Narrowcasting



If you can understand it, let me know. It is an angel with great abs and boobs that want to bust out. Do you think she is actually listening to a Gods of the Radio song?

Shakira – Oral Fixation, Vol. 2


It’s the Garden of Eden and Shakira is Eve. A little weird scene and the baby makes it even more weird seeming she is barely wearing clothes, but her hips don’t lie!

Christina Aguilera – Stripped


This is when she was working it and working it hard. I think in her mind she still looks this way, but let’s compare! She had a rocking body and should be proud to show that off on the cover.

Madonna – Hard Candy


Madonna has always been one to push the envelope, so this is no different. It just has a kinky, 50 Shades of Grey appeal to it and it was way before that time.

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