Kim Kardashian's Changing Style Through The Years: What Was Kim Thinking With Some Of These Looks?

Kim Kardashian’s Changing Style Through The Years: What Was Kim Thinking With Some Of These Looks?

Photos: WENN

The Kardashians took over the E! Network back in 2007 and ever since then they have become household names. Kim Kardashian is always known for her great style because she knows what to accentuate: her boobs, legs and bootie! With her 32nd birthday today, let’s take a look back at her changing styles throughout the past few years.


Photo: WENN

Let’s start with a WTH look. The boots (which she is in love with often) and those big hoops are too much for me to handle.


Photo: WENN

She gets it right this time and shows off her best assets: the hips, the boobs and those legs. This is a great look for her and one of many that she would have on red carpets.


Photo: WENN

Tight, small dresses is what she does best and this one shows off those boobs. The color is great for her skin color as well, so good job.


Photo: WENN

Gold and shiny is not a good look on her. This dress is not flattering, but look at the cleavage in that dress, right? She had that working for her.


Photo: WENN

The boots return, but we can only hope this was for an early Halloween party. Those stripes would look good on no one, so nice try Kim K.


Photo: WENN

Besides the fact that her boobs are kind of showing through that tank top, this is a good look on Kim. I like the big, baggy pants and the all black looks good on her.


Photo: WENN

We all need to dress down sometimes. She was out getting her nails did, so why not go basic right? If she is going to go out  like that though, she might want to find some flip flops that fit her feet…they look huge!


Photo: WENN

What’s up with the flowers on the boobs? Plus it looks like she may have a muffin top going on, so the dress is a big no for me.


Photo: WENN

A day later she got it right though with this cute dress and adorable shoes. Of course the boobs are showing, but the color looks good on her.


Photo: WENN

The boots are back and Kim went with a lighter look to her hair and the dress looks like camouflage, so it is blending in with that lighter look.


Photo: WENN

She looks like a birthday present wrapped up in a bow and if you untie that bow than you can open up your gift…those boobs lurking under that dress.


Photo: WENN

The short skirt works, the color works on her and that belt is very cute and pulls it all together. The shoes are a great accessory and the look is hot.


Photo: WENN

Kim likes that design apparently, but with just the skirt this time it looks better. The heels show off her nice legs and it is a cute look.


Photo: WENN

She decided to go to this event wearing some snake skin and I am not a fan. The dress is cute and the design is nice, but the material is not good.


Photo: WENN

This look is working for Kim, as that dress has a funky design and it looks good on her. The top of it is different, but it works and I like it.


Photo: WENN

Just jeans for Kim and they look good, but that jacket and the big shoulders are not a good look. She looks like an alien and should not be in this country.


Photo: WENN

This red dress does nothing for Kim. It is just hanging there and actually makes her look bigger than she actually is. The shoulder design makes it worse too.


Photo: WENN

Trying to stay warm in January, this look is the stuff for Kim. The jeans look great on her with the heels, the simple shirt and that coat brings it all together.


Photo: WENN

The see-through areas are not very cute, but the dress is adorable and works well on her. The shoes are cute, but I can’t get past that fishnet part of it.


Photo: WENN

Who doesn’t look this good a week before their 32nd birthday? Just out for lunch, Kim was working the all-white and it is working for her. I am loving everything about this look for her and Happy Birthday Kim!

  • kristyn

    ummm hello! those are the flip flops they give you after a pedicure is done so your nails don’t get f’ed up.

  • cray

    How about her changing face?

    • ?

      I know. I wish she would have stayed with her ethnic look instead. I think she was much hotter than. As for the butt, why do people still think her butt is real? Why?

      • ?


      • Prettygyal

        I know right? Especially. Pic #2. I see no hips or booty…but she actually looks natural and better proportioned in that pic.

  • Diamondntharough78

    Does anyone else notice her feet are busted—perhaps that’s why Kanye has her wearing booties nowadays? I’m just saying….

    • feet

      I kind of think she has nice feet.

  • icymommie

    As you can see once the reality TV money started coming in everything changed, the clothes, the body and the face…

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