Fashion Flashback: 'What's the 411?' Turns 20 (Shop Mary J. Blige's '90s Style... Remixed For 2012!)

Fashion Flashback: ‘What’s the 411?’ Turns 20 (Shop Mary J. Blige’s ’90s Style… Remixed For 2012!)

What’s the 411, hun? Mary J. Blige’s multi-platinum debut album celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this summer.  If we still had a CD player, we would have popped in the classic disc for old time’s sake, but we’ll settle for downloading it on iTunes.  And, while we “reminisce on the love we had” for What’s the 411?, we’re also reminiscing on the Queen of Hip Hop Soul’s fly ’90s fashions.  It was a time when bigger was better, and Mary rocked boxy leather jackets, oversized jerseys, baggy jeans, baseball caps, and combat boots.  Now that we think about it, baseball caps and combat boots have made a full comeback.  Right about now, I bet we all wish we’d held on to those Doc Martens! Just for fun, we decided to revisit a few of MJB’s ’90s ensembles, and update them for 2012.

Click through to get the 411 on MJB’s early 90’s style remixed for 2012!

  • sepia830

    So it’s been 20 years since I’ve purchased a Mary J Blige album?

    • lmao! she has had some good ones since What the 411…