Is That Really Them? Check Out Movie Stars Without Makeup

Movie Stars Without Makeup: How Do These Actresses Look When Not On The Big Screen?


Actresses get those big roles on the big screen and they have all the makeup artists to make them look pretty. What happens when they are home and just want to go out on the town though? Well, here is a look at movie stars without makeup.

Olivia Wilde


The Tron star is looking hot as ever, even without the makeup. She looks like the girl next door and found love with Jason Sudeikis.

Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana hits the town without any makeup on and guess what…she looks amazing. That is some great skin and she should show it off!

Sharon Stone


Sharon Stone was out having some food with some friends when she was caught with no makeup. She may look good on the red carpet, but that face is starting to show the 54 years.

Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner is the All-American girl with the happy husband and the happy family, so of course she looks great in glasses and no makeup.

Jessica Biel


The now Jessica Timberlake was out shopping in Paris (maybe for a wedding dress) and decided makeup was not needed…it is a good look on her.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie must leave all the makeup at home when she goes out of the country to do her humanitarian work. No makeup, but still a great complexion.

Ashley Judd


Ashley Judd has fought the critics saying she has had work down over the years, but she denies it. With a face like that, she shouldn’t be messing with it.

Kate Hudson


She may look tired, but still looks good. Kate Hudson has the kids chasing her around and keeping her busy all day, so you can’t blame her for looking tired. I bet she hopes not to look like her Mom, who is pictured next.

Goldie Hawn


Goldie Hawn has been in the business for years, so she should know the cameras will be following her around everywhere. This picture makes her look so hideous and we vote to keep the makeup on at all times!

Uma Thurman


She may not look the greatest with the glasses and everything, but if you look past the tired eyes and crazy hair then you would see a girl that still looks pretty good with no makeup on.

Natalie Portman


When you are the Mom of a little boy you really don’t have time to think about what you look like when you leave the house. Natalie looks rundown, but still good.

Jessica Alba


Another actress that has small children at home, so she skips the makeup when heading to the office. It is Jessica Alba though, can she really look bad?

Katie Holmes


Let’s hope that the divorce from Tom Cruise will help bring some life back into that tired and dull face on the left. She has been seen all smiles since the divorce, so it will come back.

Demi Moore


Demi Moore is going through a lot right now with the divorce from Ashton Kutcher and him now dating Mila Kunis. Maybe all that stress is wearing on that face and neck, which is sagging big time and noticeable without makeup.

Helen Hunt


We all used to be mad about Helen Hunt, but she kind of disappeared off the scene when she had a child, but she still looks good and is back on the big screen in a new movie, The Sessions.

Jennifer Lawrence


The Hunger Games star is looking a little bloated without that makeup on. We all know she has a toned body, but maybe she was worn down from promoting the hit movie.

Anne Hathaway


What do you think she is hiding under that hat? Anne Hathaway always looks stunning on the red carpet, but looking a little tired without that makeup on…maybe she should take some time off from all the movies?

Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl made the switch from TV (Grey’s Anatomyto the big screen and her romantic comedies have been succesful, but maybe she should get some sleep instead of shooting so many movies.

Julia Stiles


Julia Stiles, who I fell in love with on Save The Last Dance, usually doesn’t do it up big time with the makeup, which leads to her looking good in no makeup and a hat.

Bridget Moynahan


Bridget Moynahan played Rachel in one of my favorite movies Coyote Ugly. She is still working it on the big screen and looks good when off the screen.

  • Truth

    Pale, pale and more pale.

  • daisyduke

    this is the whole article? pathetic.

  • saintsinno

    StyleBlazer is a 24/7 fashion, beauty and style website dedicated to upscale, progressive, chic and sophisticated African-American/black women. I wish I could see more of this in the StyleBlazer articles!!!!

  • stupid

    correct in pathetic.. most of the women still have makeup on

  • Dana

    The writer is too critical. People age.

  • Rachel

    Of course they look tired, they have a busy life. Also, they are normal human beings. They age, they bloat, they are people and they look like people.

  • katie

    How snarky of you Mr. writer. This is so mean and cruel. Makes me sick.

  • emily

    I looked up younger pictures of Goldie Hawn. She was really cute. It’s called aging. The only one that actually surprised me was angelina jolie, i mean shes still gorgeous but her eyes protrude more than I thought.

  • Suzi Q

    People, Goldie Hawn is 68 years old, wtf. How good will some of these commenters–or the author–look at 68? Give me a f—g break

  • Andre

    The writer is a sad, cruel little man.That obviously has little respect for women.

  • I want to see the idiot that wrote this! Goldie is 68 and in great shape! And yes maybe they are followed all the time they should not they to always be made up!

  • CriticofCritics

    Jennifer Lawrence is NOT bloated she is actually one of the HEALTHY non-anorexic celebrities out there the writer of this article obviously thinks anorexic is perfect -_-

  • MikeNY1111

    Garner never looked good

  • Some look better without the makeup. They all probably look better then the author will look at the same age.

  • teriquajones

    There are many of these ladies who look fine without their make-up! Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd are two of them who were definitely born beautiful. Goldie Hawn is another lady will always be cute. The author of this story is very critical.

  • jrsp

    Angelina Jolie looks no better than Sharon Stone! Such a bias against age. Stone is gorgeous with or without makeup and at whatever age.

  • Meem

    THey look NORMAL. I hate this kind of snarkiness. Why should we hold these people to an impossible ‘beauty’ standard? Besides, it’s so superficial to focus on this.

  • Lila

    Can we all just take a moment to breathe and remember that aging happens? Also, that these women are people too. It is not like they are supposed to be flawless. The media is a tyrant.

  • Skylar

    Umm…Todd, are you serious? Women don’t always want to wear makeup and that doesn’t make them ugly. I’m honestly offended by this article and I’m not even one of the celebrities. The comment made about Goldie Hawn was such a jackass comment. She’s human and humans age. Not only that, but women aren’t put on this earth to be beautiful all the time. It’s trash like this that degrades the human race. I’m sorry I wasted my time reading this.

  • Deva

    This Writer is obviously very uncomfortable with their real self, the reason why these woman are so beautiful is because they give their skin a break, and they know that in order to be a figure with staying power they must love and know their inner self is what gives beauty. There are much greater causes this writer can bring light to, hopefully they apply themselves

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