Get the Look: Ciara's Tomboy Chic Graphic Sweatshirt in "Got Me Good"

Get The Look: Ciara’s Tomboy Chic Graphic Sweatshirt In “Got Me Good” Video

Per usual, Ciara‘s latest video, “Got Me Good,” has us envious of her dance moves and her wardrobe. The black graphic sweatshirt she wears as she busts a move has piqued our interest. We admire the way it makes such a bold statement, and combines minimalist details like imagery, stars, and stripes. After exhausting Google, Bing and in an attempt to discover who made this edgy creation, we decided to ask Cici herself:

Ciara is a Givenchy muse and is frequently spotted in the brand, which makes this a total “duh” moment. Not only does Ciara wish she could “act like a boy,” she sometimes dresses like one. The Givenchy sweatshirt is part of the line’s Spring 2013 Menswear collection. Since this top is not presently sold in stores, we decided to pull together similar tops that feature all or some of the same elements. Stars, stripes and bold graphics, oh my!

Take a closer look at the style-inspiring sweatshirt below, and click through to view more sweatshirts that evoke the same “tomboy chic” look.

  • RozClot212

    Wow.. Go Ciara.. I love it!