Fine Man Candy Idris Elba To Play The Next James Bond? (Let's See If He Is Bond Material)

Fine Man Candy Idris Elba May Be The Next James Bond (Is He Bond Material? Let’s Have A Look!)

Photo: Nikki Nelson/

Although the latest James Bond flick Skyfall hasn’t hit theaters yet, reports are already swirling as to who will fill will step into Agent 007’s shoes when Daniel Craig retires. And now word has it that the fine chocolate UK man candy Idris Elba may be the first black James Bond. We’re excited to see him put his English accent to good use in this role. Idris broke onto the scene in the HBO series The Wire as Stringer Bell and also starred in American Gangster and Takers.

If Idris does land the iconic role, he’s made it clear that he wants to bring more to the role than the obvious: ”I just don’t want to be the black James Bond. Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond, and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue-eyed James Bond, so if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Idris will become the next 007, but we think he is definitely up to the job.

Check out these steamy photos of Idris and tell us if you think he is smooth enough for the part.

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  • guest

    This is the 2nd time they have hinted of a brotha playing the role of bond i can’t remember the over british brotha’s name off by head but he never ended up getting shortlisted and Pierce Brosnan ended up playing the role instead ! these haters are not ready for a real dark destoyer ! lol

  • white male

    How about 0bama?

    • KNON

      How about Mittens Rom-noying?

  • guest

    ABSOLUTELY Idris will be the next and best James Bond ever. Idris is legendary.

  • Tweety_slim

    Yes, Yes and yes!!!

  • Chanty

    As much as I TOTALLY want him to play the part, it CLEARLY wont happen without a 100 years of fighting (Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone is a clear example #barf). its gonna be tough, but hey who knows?

  • Mel

    First, I think Noemie opening her mouth about it in such a careless way probably nixed whatever tentative talks they were having. Every time Elba’s ever been asked, he always demurs, and she being an actress should know it’s the kiss of death when you hype a role you don’t even have yet.

    Second, Craig is signed on for 2 more Bonds. As much as I LOVE driis, I think Hollywood waited too long on him. He’s going to be too old, and you can see it already that his face is changing into slightly more mature parts. This irks me a bit, because they get dudes like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds quickly established, yet he’s out there doing thins like “Obsessed” and sidekick roles in the mainstream films.

    Either way, I don’t think it matters because its all about getting the right material, and that doesn’t have to be Bond.

    • artist

      Sean Connery was 53 yr old when he did his last Bond. Idris is a great actor-he could do anything-but maybe he doesnt want to be locked in this role–he likes to do alot of different genre.

  • How would they explain James Bond sudden skin pigmentation? Did he get a sun tan? James Bond has always been white, he can be another agent and Idris and Daniel can be partners.

    • KNON

      The same way you explain how he looks completely different every few years.

      • If you knew, you would know james bond is based on a book. And in the book he was always white. That’s not to say he will do a bad job. I think he would make a great actor.

  • Observing

    I’s loves u Idris. I’s been in love wit you’s since The Wire!

  • jdmann

    Brother Wesley Snipes in White Men can’t jump voice ‘ I’m sooo preetty’ lol. niigga please.

  • Aly

    i think that would be tight. i personally think pierce bronson was the best, but im a ian fleming fan anyway, so i dont care

  • ReaderInMI

    He has an accent, the look, the walk…. the man would be perfect to bring about a fresh take to this iconic role.

  • Shirl

    I think he’d do the role justice and I know I’m in the minority here but in the looks department, in my opinion, the man is just average. He’s not ugly by any means but I see better looking brothers on a daily just walking down the street (please don’t beat me up too bad). Idris does nothing for me. I do think he’s a fabulous actor though.

    • huh

      It’s okay, I used to be like that until I saw him in an interview. I cant explain it, but the man is SERIOUSLY attractive. There aren’t many men in Hollywood that are that masculine, he has serious presence. Plus, the accent,, his personality, he really just does something else completely.

    • KNON

      He’s just as handsome as Daniel Craig!

  • goddess8281

    Will nvr happen. Bond has always been Caucasian. Doesn’t mean I agree with the formula, I’m just telling you what’s up.

    • KNON

      Many said the same about an African-American President prior to 2008.

  • huh

    Yes Lawd, he is fine.look there,look there. I’d go see the movie. He can be bonds long lost brother from another mother. Being that whyte men can bare a handsome man of color it will be 20 more yrs .off before they cast a refined handsome blk man.

  • JewelThompson

    Well Idris definitely has the looks as well as an authentic British accent. However, why do we need a Black James Bond? Why can’t we be more creative than that? I am just fine with the Caucasian James Bond and think that Daniel Craig is neck-in-neck with being the best actor for the job, right along with Sean Connery. Certainly another character that is interesting, has the charisma and near super-human abilities of a Bond type (with a different twist) can be thought up.

    • Kid_Voltron

      you really thing Daniel Craig is better than Rob Moore and comparable to Sean Connery??? I think Pierce Bronsnan was even better….not to take anything away from Daniel Craig, he’s a very good actor but his role depiction in James Bond can fit into any action type movie not just a bond, I think he got the job cause of the limited number of candidates…there’s just something lacking, that true gentleman appeal is just not there, he comes off as brutal…

      • 2manykidz

        None one did it better than Sean Connery

      • huh

        SO TRUE about Craig. Let him do the Bourne franchise, but his Bond doesn’t come off as very suave or debonair. It’s more kicking and fighting. Which is good,but that bit of charisma is missing for me.

        • JustSaying_IMFO

          In the books, Bond is a brute. And you can see it in Connery’s portrayals. The whole debonair thing came with Moore.

      • JewelThompson

        Yes, I really do. Also, by the way that was MY opinion. You have yours and I don’t agree with it. Can you deal with that?

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    he will be called nygah immediately upon sayin yes to the roll.

  • amberfierce


  • Anonymous

    I love this man! He’s handsome, sophisticated, intelligent–perfect for the role!

  • weavermomo

    Absolutely not, do we have to be politically correct with every little thing? Is there now going to be a caucasian playing “Shaft” There are so many that would fill the Bond role better.

  • rfgfdxg

    Let’s have a white Shaft, oh wait that would not work, Bond is white and British, that’s the way it is. Some things are best left untouched. Elba is good though, I like a lot of his work, he could definitely play an agent of some sort.

    • bargal20

      Idris Elba is British, you moron.

  • I don’t care what role he plays he’s a brilliant actor and a fine man.

  • Living out loud

    Or Blair Underwood, all day honey haha peace

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    I’d prefer him as a Bond villain. He’s so much better as a bad guy than the hero.

  • Mom

    Bond is not black though. It would be different if that was never stated in the books. But I think Idris is capable of playing Bond. He would be an asset to the franchise as another character.

  • Agyrl

    I’m starting to think that all the people making reference to Shaft have never seen the movie or don’t know the cultural context of the character. The comparison is non-existent. However, Bond’s ethnicity is interchangeable (British & Scottish) with no problem. There seems to be no cultural backdrop to tie Bond to any nationality, ethnicity, or race, so why can’t Bond be Black, East Asian, Indian, etc? Free your minds people, they call it acting for a reason.

  • Random Person

    I noticed the talks about bond, but here’s two things…one, this part of the franchise focuses on bond’s early years as an agent therefore giving Craig leadeay to reinvent the character, and since its his early years, he’s not expected to be as refined as Connery, Moore or Bronson but more reckless and uncertain…second, there’s always been a theory that the name James Bond is just a code name for the agent, leaving the character open to be played by any nationality or ethnicity, but ill argue while he may be great for the role, society isn’t ready for a black bond

    • KNON

      Society reaches beyond America.

  • KNON

    I don’t know why my posts keeps getting erased. The comparison to Shaft is makes no sense. Shaft is race specific, Bond is not. But I think the Black community would trade a Black Bond for a White Shaft. Get over yourself people! It’s 2012 and we have a Black President; before 2008, many thought that was a position only meant for White men. Idris is English and he’s a real man. He’s Bond.