5 Beauty Products You Can Totally Skip And Save The Money For Something Else

5 Beauty Products You Can Totally Skip (And Save The Money For Something Else)

Cosmetics Shopping image via Shutterstock

We’re admittedly self-proclaimed beauty junkies, but there are things even we know we don’t need. And of course since we totally see you all as fellow beauty friends in our heads, we’re passing along the product knowledge. Who wants to spend unnecessary money that could rightly go towards a pair of shoes, right?

So here’s our list of beauty products you really don’t need in your stash.


1. Primer

Ok, not everyone needs primer because many foundation formulas, like Make Up For Ever HD Liquid Makeup or Revlon Colorstay, are formulated to be long-lasting and help to diffuse the look of pores. So a primer isn’t always necessary. Those with very noticeable pores and/or very oily skin may find that a primer helps hold your makeup put, but if you’re properly layered with foundation and powder, you don’t NEED primer.

  • How does a liquid makeup hold up and for how long? The last time I used it to cover up a few scars, it started running after 3 hours and with a little bit of sweat.