Solange Knowles Opens Her Brooklyn Home In 'Rika' Magazine Editorial

Solange Knowles Opens Up Her Brooklyn Home For ‘Rika’ Magazine


Model, singer and fashion It Girl, Solange Knowles opens up and lets in the cameras for her latest fashion spread. Shot on location in her Brooklyn home, the 26-year-old mother is clearly comfortable in her own space.

The seven-page editorial appears in the most recent issue of Rika magazine, an independent Swedish publication. Solange stays true to her personal style ethos by sporting loads of bold colors, mixing prints and, of course, rocking her signature fro.

Stylist Jenke-Ahmed Tailly brings out the big guns with killer knee-high sandal-boot hybrids and daring silhouttes– like the high-slit assymetrical striped skirt and super frilly shift dresses. Photographer, Elle Muliarchyk, relied on minimal to all-natural lighting for the set, lending a slightly gritty and realistic sheen to each photo and ultimately allowing Solange’s natural beauty to shine through.

Click through below to check out the full editorial.

  • Jasmine

    Wow. I wanted to see how her home arrangement matched her personal style. But all I saw was walls and windows. Humph.