Luxe 4 Less: Michelle Obama's Femme Flor-al Fashion Stolen & Styled For 20-30 Somethings Under $150!

Look For Less: Michelle Obama’s Femme Floral Fashion Stolen & Styled For 20-30 Somethings (Under $150!)

Photo: Johnny Louis/WENN

So you’re in love with our First Lady’s style and want to know how to tailor it down to fit someone in your age range, of say 20-30? Mrs. O is quite statuesque and her presence alone can sometimes make it appear as though she might be draped in garments the average person simply cannot afford, but we know the opposite is true. The First Lady is often seen wearing economical apparel, like the stunning floral dress she wore to host last Thursday’s campaign rally in support of her husband, U.S. President Barack Obama at the James L. Knight Center Miami, FL. Check out our spin on Michelle O’s femme floral fashion remixed for a younger wearer.




If you love our take on Mrs. O’s style, you’ll love it even more that our little presidential ensemble is less than $150.  Start shopping the individual pieces in the following pages!