Richest People In America 2012: How Can One Person Make That Much Money?

Source: WENN

As many Americans are struggling to simply  find a job in this economy, others are having in issues at all working and bringing home billions of dollars every year. While I am super jealous of everyone on this list, props to them for being that successful. This is a list of the Richest People In America 2012.


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  1. says:

    Disgusting!!starving, homeless people in this “great”nation. What a joke!!they are lucky to have what they do. It’s luck. And God allowed them to have it. What a waste nothing good. Look at walmart…slave wages horrible benefits. Sick!!

  2. says:

    Why can’t rich people have money without being judged?

  3. says:

    Bill gates does not make that in one year! That is his net worth

  4. says:

    Incompetent reporter, the amounts listed are not income but net worth.

  5. says:

    I have to say…..I don’t understand why people hate the rich. Most “rich” people work their butts off to get that way. Some might say it was handed to them. I say…nothing wrong with that. Once again someone worked their butt off to make sure their kids and grandkids would not have to worry. I would do the same if I had any to leave for the generations to come.

    • says:

      You’re right, ammty. Sam Walton’s kids and the lady who married a Walton son all worked their butts off and deserve the billions of dollars they have in wealth. Too bad the rest of us just aren’t as smart and refuse to work as hard. PLEEEAAASE!!!

    • says:

      That is my exact thoughts and why I’m following the compasssionate capitalism.

  6. says:

    Most rich hate the poor or anyone not in their social class. They vote republican for one reason….a little less taxes. 3 or 4 % more in taxes makes absolutely no difference to the rich but that is main reason they vote republican, they care little about health care for everyone else, high gas prices, high food costs, etc. Most are greedy, stingy, pay their employees as little as possible. They should be like Ben and Jerry who pay their employees over $15 an hour, not min wage. My wife’s cousin was born poor, married doctor, now she is a huge snob, only friends with other rich , dropped relationship with her family , talks about being busy all the time with tennis lessons, shopping and constantly remodeling their home, and talks like their poor. When their child decided they liked basketball around 9 years old they built half a gym for her, very nice.

  7. says:

    How in the world does the author of this article not research or know the difference between income and net worth? And who is the editor? Beyond inexcusable.

  8. says:

    What idiot wrote this? They listed net worth instead of yearly income and who doesn’t proofread their articles? Window instead of widow? Really?

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