Lead Designer Leaving Balenciaga For Their Archnemisis?

Lead Designer Leaving Balenciaga (For Their Archnemisis?)

With all the musical chairs that’s been going on in fashion publishing, we’d almost forgotten the shuffling that’d been happening in design as well. Never to be out done, our creative counterparts over in the fashion design industry have reseized headlines with their latest shake up.

According to Nytimes.com, after 15 (epic) years, lead designer, Nicolas Ghesquière, is leaving Balenciaga. Oddly enough, PPR—the french luxury giant which owns Balenciaga—was the one to announce Ghesquière’s departure, nor was the designer quoted in the announcement made Monday. Ghesquière could not comment because he was traveling in Japan when the news broke, reports Nytimes.com, but it may have something to do with Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, courting the 41-year-old designer.

Whispers of LVMH’s courtship of Nicolas Ghesquiére comes from an anonymous source in the French fashion industry, Nytimes.com reports. The anonymous source added, “Mr. Ghesquière has been offered a house under his own name that would be overseen by one of Mr. Arnault’s children: his daughter Delphine, who already works within the company, or his son Antoine, who has recently relaunched and expanded the shoe brand Berluti.”

Ghesquiére is credited with “bringing a hip and modern sensibility to the revered but dusty brand.” But we can image that even after 15 years of celebrated service working for one of the most aspirational fashion brands in the biz, a designer would want to stretch his creative legs and be his own boss. However, the fact he may be heading to PPR’s arch rival, in a very Roiftfeld move, will have all eyes on Ghesquiére for months to come.



-Tameika Lawrence