Red, White & Beauty: 6 Products Featuring The Flag's Colors To Celebrate Election Day. Wear One To Rock The Vote!

Red, White & Beauty: 6 Products Featuring The Flag’s Colors To Celebrate Election Day (Wear One To Rock The Vote!)

We hope everyone who has the right to vote today will ‘rock the vote.’ Despite the miles long lines, extended wait, and anxiety generated from this election, Election Day can’t still be fun. Especially when we put together 6 products that will have you beaming with patriotic pride.

Check them out.



Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon

Put this in the genius category for every time you wanted to wear a matte red but found matte formulas can be drying on the lips. This gorgeous blue-red that flatters virtually every skin tone goes on like a gloss and dries to a super comfy velvety finish.


Tweezerman Red Glitter Petite Tweeze Set

From the brand who understands brow grooming tools so well comes a new limited edition set. Featuring Tweezerman’s signature slanted and pointed tweezers, you can whip your brows in shape with ease using this set.