Celebrities Head To The Polls For Election Day 2012 (Have You Voted Yet?)

As we're sure 99.9 percent of you know by now, it's Election Day! Once every four years Americans get the privileged to select their candidate for presidency and Congress through a uniform process.

While the lines may be long and the absentee process can be daunting, celebrities have come through in droves to encourage all registered voters to do their civic duty. From Vice President Joe Biden (above) to Lenny Kravitz, no one is absent from the polls.

Click through to see which celebs tweeted and Instagrammed their voting pics! (And make sure to #VOTE)

Keri Hilson

Gwen Stefani

Jamie Chung

Katy Perry's grammy

Lenny Kravitz

Mariah Carey

Mary J. Blige



Beyoncé Knowles


-Danielle Kwateng

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