Famous Celebrity Vegans: What Stars Are Staying Away From Animals?

Which Stars Are Staying Away From Animals? 14 Famous Celebrity Vegans

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For health reasons and for personal preference, many people have adapted to a vegan lifestyle in the past decade. Ellen DeGeneres has made it popular via her TV show and many other celebrities are jumping on board. Here is a list of famous celebrity vegans who are not about the meat or dairy life.

Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen often talks about eating vegan and the vegan diet on her talk show. We all know she has a love for animals and after she watched a documentary on caged animals, she and her wife Portia de Rossi switched to the vegan lifestyle.

Russell Simmons

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Russell is an animal lover as well and often fights for animal rights. He’s been on a vegan diet since 1998.

Andre 3000

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Andre 3000 may be busy acting right now, but he is still practicing the vegan lifestyle. He doesn’t want animals to suffer at the hands of humans. Even his clothing line Benjamin Bixby avoids animal products.

Erykah Badu

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This is not surprising, is it? More and more African-Americans are jumping on the vegan train to promote healthier lifestyles and Erykah is one of those people.

Sandra Oh

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The Grey’s Anatomy star is a vegan and wants others to be as well. She has taken her fellow castmates to vegan restaurants, but none of them have jumped on board with her.

Mike Tyson

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I guess taking a bite of ear made Mike Tyson change his ways. He has taken on a vegan diet and says he feels great and wishes he would have started it earlier.

Carl Lewis

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Carl Lewis adopted a vegan lifestyle way back in 1990, which helped led him to a great racing year in 1991.

Venus Williams

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The trend continues for athletes, as Venus Williams changed to a vegan diet earlier this year to promote better health for herself.

Jason Mraz

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Jason Mraz is known for smoking marijuana, so he must be in love with plants. He has a vegan diet, but that started after one of his bandmates found out he had diabetes and he took the vegan diet plunge with him.


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You thought those abs were nice on Usher before, well wait and see what a vegan diet does for them. Usher is a new recruit to the vegan lifestyle, but he is loving the results already.

Betty White

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At 90 years old, Betty White is still going strong and maybe her vegan diet has to do with that? She has a love for animals and it shows in her diet.

Ruben Studdard

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The American Idol winner has always been a big boy, but thanks to a vegan diet he adopted a few years ago, Ruben is now 100 pounds lighter after his all-plant diet.

Russell Brand

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Another celebrity to go vegan after watching a documentary. Russell claims he watched the movie Forks over Knives and it turned him into a full-on vegan.


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As many crazy things he has done in his life, Steve-O takes on the challenge of eating vegan with stride. He has a love for animals and appears in ads for PETA.

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