Celebrities Who Have Changed Their Names (They Aren't Who You Think They Are)

14 Celebs Who Have Changed Their Names (They Aren’t Who You Think They Are)

Think this is Tom Cruise? Think again. Some celebs, including Mr. Mapother pictured above, have changed their names before becoming famous. Which Hollywood heavyweights were born with a different name? Find out!

Reese Witherspoon

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The actress shortened her name from Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon for the big screen — “Reese” is mom’s maiden name.

Katy Perry

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Perry’s first album was a self-titled release under her given name, Katy Hudson.


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Just like Madonna and Cher, Aubrey Drake Graham dropped parts of his name so he’s now simply known as Drake.

Natalie Portman

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Portman, who was born Natalie Herschlag, is a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, where she was born.

Whoopi Goldberg

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Caryn Elaine Johnson picked her stage name when people referred to her gassiness as being similar to a whoopee cushion.

Jamie Foxx

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Eric Marlon Bishop changed his name when he began his stand-up career in honor of comedian Redd Foxx.

Tina Fey

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Fey didn’t have to look far for her character Liz Lemon’s name on 30 Rock. The actress was born Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

Stevie Wonder

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For such a wonder of talent, it may be surprising to know that Stevie Wonder used to be Stevland Hardaway Morris.

Charlie Sheen

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Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Estevez, took his stage name from his father Ramon Estevez, who is better known as Martin Sheen.

Dakota Fanning

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Apparently, Hannah isn’t exotic enough for a movie star name, which may be why the actress dropped it and is better known by her middle name, Dakota.

Olivia Wilde

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The actress was born with the less wild name Olivia Jane Cockburn. She took her stage name in honor of poet and writer Oscar Wilde.


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Pink, who got her name from a character in the movie Reservoir Dogs, was actually born as the less-than-colorful Alicia Moore.

Tom Cruise

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Before he was a top gun, Cruise was better known as Thomas Mapother IV.

Spike Lee

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Before making movies and having courtside seats for the Knicks, Spike was better known as Shelton Lee.

Alicia Keys

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One key to Alicia’s success may be her name change from Alicia Cook.

Tina Turner

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Anna Mae Bullock got her stage name from her ex-husband Ike Turner.

Portia De Rossi

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Amanda Rogers changed her name in high school to be more daring.

Jon Stewart

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Stewart’s stage name was inspired by his given name, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Miley Cyrus

Photo: WENN

When she was born, Miley’s country-singing dad gave her the name Destiny Cyrus.

Ralph Lauren

Photo: WENN

Lauren’s name is probably easier to fit on a clothing tag than his real name, Ralph Rueben Lifshitz.


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