14 Celebs Who Have Changed Their Names (They Aren’t Who You Think They Are)


    I’m about to change my name to, MR. “THIS WEBSITE SUCKS”! JENKINS.

  • Ambitious12

    first off Drake didn’t change his name His middle name is Drake, and also it’s his stage name….What rapper would want to be called by their first name? 2nd I will not sit here and flip through all these pages

  • http://socialwebtools.info/ Charnita Fance

    Not clicking through all those pages. Newsflash: You’re losing readers like that……..

  • Antonio

    I was actually curious as to see what names these celebritries used to carry. Nice website! Thanks.

    • its

      I was

  • Mr. Ben

    Hate this “pages” link, shame on cnn for hosting such a poor user experience. It violates my end-user agreement. :/

  • nunya

    this is annoying….

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