Calling All The Single Ladies: Top Cities For Singles - Move Here To Find Your Man!

Calling All The Single Ladies: Top Cities For Singles (Move Here To Find Your Man!)


Beyonce sang about it and now we are talking about it. All the single ladies listen up: want to find a man? You might be looking in the wrong areas to find him! A study by Bloomberg has named the top cities for singles and none of the big cities we all flock to are on there. It is time to find love in the small towns. The study was based on income for single homes, percentage of population that is single and percentage of guys or girls that are single. Check out what cities made the list to find your next lover!

1 – Hoboken, NJ

Hopefully you don’t find any of the Jersey Shore cast here, but Hoboken takes the number one spot. They have a population of 50,005 and 68.38% of the males are single…get it girls!

2 – Arlington, VA

Arlington comes in as one of the bigger cities on the list. They have a population of 207.627 people and of the men, 58.42% of them are single!

3 – Redmond, WA

If you see a man in Redmond, Washington, you have a 50-50 chance of meeting a single guy. They may have only 54,144 people in the town, but of the men there, 50.02% are single!

4 – Newton, MA

The guys are making a little over $65,000 and with a population over 80,000 people maybe you could find someone single as 48.9% of the men are single.

5 – Bolingbrook, IL

This picture makes the city look pretty. The town contains 73,366 people making an average of $70.766. It amazes me at the number of single people in these cities, but 42.36% of the men are single.

5 – Stamford, CT


With 122,643 people in Stamford, you may have more to pick from, but that also means you have more ladies to compete against. 48.75% of the guys are single.

7 – Levittown, NY


You may want the big city life in NYC, but if you want to find a man, pack your bags and head to Levittown. They have 51,881 people and 43.15% of the men are single.

8 – Ellicott, MD

The guys in Ellicott are making pretty good money, as the average income is a little over $80,000. They have 65,834 people and 35.78% of the men are single.

9 – Weston, FL

That looks like a beautiful view that you would want to share with someone! There are 65,333 people in Weston to share the sunset with, but of the men: 37.82% of them are single.

10 – Cupertino, CA

The average income in Cupertino is almost $90,000, so come find your rich man in California. They have some money, but the number is going down and only 34.71% of the men are single.

11 – Maple Grove, MN


It is Minnesota and it is cold, so come find a snuggle buddy here in Maple Grove. There are 61,567 people looking to cuddle and 36.25% of the guys are available.

11 – South Jordan, UT

It is Utah…maybe you could become the third or fourth wife in a relationship? They have 50,418 people living in South Jordan and 37.82% of the guys are single.

13 – Johns Creek, GA

It is a suburb of Atlanta, so come get some Georgia peaches and find your peach at the same time. They have 76,728 people living in the city and 29.03% are single and ready to mingle.

14 – Highlands Ranch, CO


Highlands Park has almost 100,000 residents, which is going to be harder to compete against, especially when only 30.78% of the guys are available.

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