No Bacon For You!! Celebrity Vegetarians: Find Out Which Stars Don't Eat Meat

No Bacon For You!! Celebrity Vegetarians: Find Out Which Stars Don’t Eat Meat

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We all see celebrities and wonder how they keep that slim and sleek physique. A lot of them have a personal trainer, which help keep them in check and working out all the time. Others have adapted a vegetarian lifestyle to help keep the figure that they want. Check out our list of celebrity vegetarians. These stars are not eating meat!

Forest Whitaker

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Not only is Forest Whitaker an Oscar winner, but he is also a vegetarian. No meat for this actor, who lost over 80 pounds since he started his vegetarian ways and has worked with PETA to spread the joy of being a vegetarian.

Angela Simmons

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The fashion designer believes that being a vegetarian goes along with her religious beliefs. It goes with her Christian ideals and not wanting to hurt any of God’s creatures.


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Common has been a practicing vegetarian for years now and even tried to be a vegan, but it didn’t work for him. He has fought for animal rights and PETA.

Christie Brinkley

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Christie Brinkley became a vegetarian at the age of 13 and also convinced her family to do the same thing at that time. Maybe that is why she looks so good at 58 years old?


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Questlove wants to live past 60, so The Roots drummer has been living the life as a vegetarian. Earlier this year he added on and started a vegan diet, but he is a vegetarian at heart.

Leona Lewis

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Leona Lewis not only won the British version of The X Factor, but she has also been winning as a vegetarian for many years and was even named by PETA as the Sexiest Vegetarian in 2008.

Woody Harrelson

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Woody Harrelson was recently named the Sexiest Vegetarian for 2012 by PETA. He is very much one with nature and his smoking ways, so this doesn’t surprise me.

Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain is most famous for her role in the hit move The Help, where she earned an Oscar nomination. She did not win the Oscar, but she did win the title of the Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian by PETA for 2012.

Kevin Eubanks

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The former bandleader on the Tonight Show, Kevin Eubanks has been living as a vegetarian for years and even won the title of the Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian in 2007.

Angela Bassett

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Clearly being a vegetarian helps you keep that youthful look. Angela Bassett is a vegetarian and at 54 years old, girl is looking very good. Bring on the no-meat diet!

Mos Def

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The hip hop star has made a name for himself in the acting world as well, with his role on Dexter, but he also is a supporter of animal rights and is a vegetarian.

Joy Bryant

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Joy Bryant is most known for playing Jasmine on the hit NBC show Parenthood, but the former model is also known as being a hot vegetarian.

John Salley

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John Salley made a name for himself on the basketball courts, as he shined with the Detroit Pistons. He has since made a name for himself in the vegetarian world and owes his continued lean build to his diet.

Carrie Underwood

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The American Idol winner and country superstar became a vegetarian after seeing things on her family farm growing up! Carrie Underwood keeps that figure thank to a no-meat diet!

  • hsc212

    Wow!Being vegetarian has really helped keep these celebs beautiful and youthful.

  • Dominika the Vegan

    they look amazing, love all of them!
    I am a very proud Vegan and it does help me to keep fit ; )

  • krkoolj

    Youthful? it’s called genetics. I look youthful for a 52 year old and I eat meat. As far as being beautiful, everyone is, but I can show you just as many (if not more) carnivore’s who are youthful and beautiful.

    If god didn’t want us to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.

    just saying…

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