StyleBlazer Splurge: 7 Blue Pieces To Show Your Presidential Pride. These Picks Are Worth Every Penny.

StyleBlazer Splurge: 8 Blue Pieces To Show Your Presidential Pride (These Picks Are Worth Every Penny)

The color blue is often associated with sadness. Terms like “the blues” and “blue Monday” come to mind.  However, as of Tuesday November 6th, the color—at least for now—brings to mind images of a victorious Barack Obama and Joe Biden for the 2012 presidential election.  In honor of the winning party, we’ve chosen a few pieces in the most royal and authoritative shade of blue there is, navy.  The pieces can be worn together for a monochromatic look or easily integrated into your already existing wardrobe.  So whether you are politically aligned to the democratic party or the color just so happens to be your fave, check out the pieces we’ve chosen.




 Starless Embellished Leather Mini Skirt

The different colorblocking and zipper details add an interesting note to the otherwise average leather mini.