Are Male Rap & R&B Artists getting a little too “EXTRA” with their Hair-do’s?

Since normal is now boring, everyone who is everyone in the music business is going for a more avant-garde look, men included. The days of a fitted cap, jersey, baggy jeans with an “icey” chain are over. Male rappers and R&B’ers are switching gears and taking it further than getting their grown-man on. Now these guys are jazzing up their profile to colorful and texturized hair to match their fashion-forward attire. With the Kanye West’s and Pharrell’s of the world being the leaders of the fashion rap pack, the younger generation (and old) are experimenting more and more with their style than in recent years. But are they taking it too far? You be the judge!
See the slideshow below:

Lloyd recently debuted his new hair and head tattoo on 106 & Park, stirring up a “beef” with Miguel for potentially swagger-jacking his signature style.


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  1. says:

    they can do whatever they want. its their hair. if women can do- then men can do too

  2. says:

    what ever happened to talent???

  3. says:

    no. stop this. Stick a fade and call it a day.

  4. says:

    WHO CARES?????RAP BLOWS!!!!!

  5. says:

    Awful. Looks like the eighties threw up a bunch of fruit boys.

  6. says:

    some are just going a little too far, hey it does grow back that’s if you still have it…but if the hair style fits you then there is nothing more to say wear it and walk with it…i just cut all mines off short with some sissors…

  7. says:

    They Look Like CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!! Such Foolishness… SMH……..

  8. says:

    get a life dude

  9. says:

    i think this look good on u chris brown

  10. says:

    i like this dude dude

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