Happy Movember!! 14 Ways To Rock A Mustache

Happy Movember!! 14 Ways To Rock A Mustache (Without Having To Actually Grow One)

The month of November is really important to all the men in your life ladies– It’s Movember!! What’s Movember you may ask. Well as you know, it is a complete  pain to get your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, uncle, etc. to go to the doctors and get regular check ups. Men are stubborn like that. In the beginning of Movember men shave off their facial hair and then go the rest of the month without shaving to spread awareness of men’s health issues such as Prostate cancer.

If you are like us and are interested in spreading awareness about Movember, but aren’t committed enough to go on a Rogaine plan, then you may want to grab one of these noses scratchers.

Here are 14 cute, wearable and usable ‘staches that will give you a little peak into the world of facial hair.

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