14 Famous Mormons and Ex-Mormons

14 Celebrities Who Are Mormons or Practiced Mormonism (Mitt Isn’t the Only One!)

Though the election is decided and Mitt Romney isn’t in the limelight as much, we’ll all remember the fact that Romney is a Mormon. Mormonism isn’t a religion that many of us hear about anymore, especially since Christianity has become such a common religion today. But, even though Mormonism isn’t overly popular, there are in fact celebrities who are Mormons. Here are 14 celebs that can relate to Romney on a religious basis.

  • Miska123

    Reaching a bit are we? Grew up Mormon, had a parent who was Mormon, was Mormon but not longer practices.

  • SighRN

    Agree with Miska…these folks have had Mormon connections but with the exception of Ms. Gladys and the Killers singer…they are not practicing…wth??

  • llc

    Ya forgot Rick Schroeder….he is still a very devout Mormon who has served as a Bishop.

  • bigtoad

    ” especially since Christianity has become such a common religion today”
    Wow, someone needs history class again.

  • Scott

    Roseanne Barr was never baptized in the church, hence never a Mormon. She has been an outspoken critic of the church because of her experiences as a Jew living in Utah. The writing in this article is horrible, with not a lot of factual data. It sounds like someone’s high school English homework, although that is even a stretch.

  • Scott

    I also really doubt Julianne Hough is holding onto her Mormon values dating Ryan Seacrest. I’m sure they aren’t doing the deed…

  • me

    Whoever wrote this article either needs to go back to school or needs to learn how to read. When people say someone is Christian…….that covers alot of religions. Christian means a follower of Jesus Christ. Mormons believe in Christ. The name of the mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Mormon church is very well known and followed by millions.

  • gallantgesture

    Romans !0:3 is God’s definition of religion and says that it is man made righteousness. Mormons lead with the Bible but preach the book of mormon which is in complete disagreement with the Bible. Galatians 1:8,9 came long before Mormons and Islam religions were founded and warns to beware of men or angels that come with a different gospel than that preached by the apostles. It was an angel that both “prophets” claim bought them their truth from God, since both religions disagree, which angel bought the truth or does the verse in the Bible that came long before both carry more credibility or should it be considered just coincidence?

  • deaton

    gladys is still active good grief