These Shoes Aren't Made For Walkin': 6 Fall/Winter Designer Heels Made To Go From The Vehicle To The Venue

These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walkin’: 5 Fall/Winter Runway Heels Made To Go From The Vehicle To The Venue

Woman Getting Out Of Car image via Shutterstock

The Fall/Winter runway shows are usually the most exciting, offering a galore of patterns, textures and silhouettes just begging to be devoured by fashion connoisseurs. But there are times when a designer sends an item down the runway that leaves us scratching our heads and asking WWTT (what were they thinking)? We understand that designers are usually jetsetters and, if they so choose, don’t have to deal the winter weather…or the freezing temperatures or traversing public transit or slushing their way through brown (and sometimes yellow) snow.  So, we forgive them when they send items down the f/w runways that are simply impractical in design, color or material for tackling the harsh northeast winter.

And we’ve rounded up 5 f/w 2012 runway shoes that are meant less for stomping around the city and more for trotting from your vehicle to the venue and back.


Proenza Schouler

We recommend everyday wear if—and only if—your toes are made out of steel