The Top 5 Hottest Hair Growth Products For Long Hair

grow long hair
Natural or relaxed, curly or straight, thick or thin, we all want our hair to grow. Even if we wear it short, we still want the confidence in our ability to grow long, healthy hair when we're ready for a change ... More »

Curl Talk: A DIY Avocado Hot Oil Treatment To Moisturize Your Curls At Home

Some of the best products for healthier curls can be found right in the kitchen. Among these are avocados, which are not only rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, but are also a natural moisturizer that can help your hair grow. … More »

The 11 Stages Of A Fresh Blowout (What It’s Like Before & After The Magic)

It's Friday, which means you'll probably be heading to the salon on Saturday. Sigh. The weekly to bi-weekly trip to the hairdresser can be a struggle—the early appointments, the wait time, the awkward eye contacts. It's not something we look ... More »

10 Makeup Products For The Perfect Selfie

Sure lighting and location are equally important, but to take only the most  flawless of selfies, equip your beauty bag with these 10 beauty must-haves for a true camera-ready finish. Whether you crave a simple or more wild kind of ... More »

Your Morning Tea: Florida Women Arrested For Illegal Botox Clinic

woman getting botox shutterstock PF

It’s hard out here. We all know having a side job is sometimes vital to survive. But when it involves illegal Botox….. More »

Thursday Tresses: The Best Hair Of The Week

Halo braids are one of those styles that just resonate with the spring. There’s something Grecian, care-free and youthful about the style. And there are several ways to work the style…. More »

Jourdan Dunn Is The New Face Of Maybelline!

There’s been so many celebrity spokesperson announcements in the past few months, that we thought models were officially cutoff from the ranks. Nope, they’re good. Well at least Jourdan Dunn is … More »

Tina Fey Doubles Down Garnier Duties As New Skincare Spokesperson

Funny lady Tina Fey has a new job to add to her resume as actor, director, author, mom, LOL-maker, and all the rest. Garnier announced today that she’s taking on a new role as the company spokesperson for Garnier Skincare. … More »

Are Beards Going Out Of Style? 10 Celebrities Who Should Keep Them Anyway

We’re a little bit worried. Yesterday we came across an article on PolicyMic positing that society at large has reached the point of “peak beard,” at least, according to a new report from the University of New South Wales. … More »

8 Eye Creams To Eradicate Dark Circles

Whether it’s pesky allergies or lack of sleep, dark circles can sure be a pain. So to get the skin underneath your eyes brighter and tighter in a jiffy, picking up a trusty eye cream can help give your concealer ... More »

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