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10 Curvy Celebrities With ‘Golden’ Proportions


Historically, people have applied this ratio to aesthetics in art and facial features, but this is the first time it has been used to measure the beauty of a woman’s body…. More »

‘Eww’ News: Your SPF Isn’t Working & Fake Makeup Is Filled With Garbage

According to Consumer Reports, approximately one third of waterproof sunscreens fail to do what they advertise… More »

Expert Beauty Hacks For Your Next Cardio Session

Celebrity makeup artist Tomy Rivero dishes his fool-proof makeup tips for your gym bag… More »

The Easy Trick To Find Out If Short Hair Is For You

Yes, the chop is totally freeing and obviously practical (hot weather + long hair = hot, sweaty mess), but before you go for it, take a moment to figure out if you can actually pull off short hair for summer 2015…. More »

No Hands Allowed: 10 New Cleansing Tools To Use On Your Face

face cleansing brush

We get that you were born with ligaments that enable you to splash water around your face, but they aren’t the best tool for getting the job done… More »

Best Of Beauty At Cannes 2015

These ladies are the REAL winners… More »

5 Celebrity Hair Trends To Try This Summer

Who knew the Joker could be the ultimate hair inspiration?… More »

Attention Millennials: Oil-Free Moisturizers Are Bad For Oily Skin

You’ve had it wrong this entire time… More »

Beauty Experiment: L’Oreal To Start Printing Human Skin

With the partnership with Organovo, L’Oreal hopes to speed up the process and automate skin production within five years…. More »

You’ve Been Doing Perfume Wrong All Your Life

For the past week, I’ve been experimenting with Rosie Jane’s “Leila Lou” Roll On Perfume Oil and it’s basically the perfect spring scent… More »