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Six Labor Day Sales That Makeup Addicts Will Appreciate

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A long weekend awaits and you have zero plans. What’s a girl to do? Shop, of course!… More »

A Social Media Bandwagon Worth Jumping On

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The Next Wave Of Beauty Boxes Will Be DIY Themed

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Eco-Conscious Brands Are Moving Up The Beauty Totem Pole

The counterfeit makeup industry is booming, but natural beauty brands are thankfully growing at the same rate… More »

LASplash Knows The Power Of Fiction


The Internet has a slight obsession with Disney princesses and fictional kid heroes, so it’s no surprise to see the beauty industry follow suit…. More »

Everything You Need To Juggle A Detailed Beauty Routine

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Join The 21st Century & Stop Following These ‘Beauty Rules’

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Makeup Techniques To Emphasize Your Gorgeous Freckles

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How Broke Girls Do Fall Beauty For Under $30

Makeup is always worth the splurge, but sometimes our bank accounts simply don’t allow it…. More »

The Bad Gal Beauty Line We’ve Been Waiting For Is Coming

Rihanna revealed the exciting news when asked about the “Fenty Beauty” trademark she registered for last year. … More »