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Amazing News For Those Addicted To Their Beautyblender

beauty blender

Over the years, we’ve seen several variations of the staple product, but it’s getting a complimentary addition later this year… More »

When Bad Contouring Happens To Good People

Contouring is the ultimate makeup trick to accentuate your cheekbones and slim your nose, but when it goes wrong, it goes very wrong. … More »

15 High-Quality Makeup Brushes For The Low

From professional makeup artists to novice beauty enthusiasts, quality makeup brushes should be the backbone of every girl’s cosmetic routine…. More »

Bring These Five Essentials On Your Pool Day

Along with a cute swimsuit, and a towel to dry off, when it comes to beauty essentials in your bag, we have got you covered…. More »

Do You Have Your City’s Most Popular Lipstick Shade?


Whether you’re a full-blown beauty maven or not, the lipstick you pull out your cosmetic bag can say a lot about you… More »

Yas! A New Makeup Craze That’s Way Easier Than Contouring

“Strobing” is basically a way to accentuate the highlighting part of your routine… More »

#PowerOfMakeup Movement Empowers Women To Show Both Sides Of Beauty

Using the hashtag #PowerofMakeup, women are taking a stand when it comes to negative and shaming comments that are often posted when women show their face before and after makeup…. More »

A Couple Of (Mixed) Thoughts On This ‘Teen Vogue’ Controversy

Anyone living in America right now will tell you that racial tensions are high and the days of being politically incorrect are gone…. More »

Exclusive: Meet The Women Fronting This Year’s Most Historic Beauty Campaign

In an era where the camera advancement is moving at warp speed, Make Up For Ever is one of the few brands tto keep up with equally innovative products… More »

Kendall Jenner Has Her Own Shade Of Lipstick, Lands Another Vogue Cover

Kendall Jenner is taking over, one lipstick shade at a time…. More »