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Your Morning Tea: L’Oreal Hosts Twitter Forum To Empower Women


L’Oreal Paris is doing their part to give back to customers while simultaneously promote open dialogue with a Twitter forum. The discussion that included Lea Michele, Eva Longoria and Arianna Huffington was focused on self-worth … More »

How Man-Scaping Changed Jay Z’s Career Forever (9 Experts Tips For Men!)

As subtle as the change was, Jay Z’s look became more clean cut, tailored and mainstream through the years. When it comes to male grooming, there’s a lot to know…. More »

Get In Your 5-Minute Facial With St. Ives New Products

Maybe it’s just us, but rarely in the middle of spring craziness –weddings, Easter, graduations, festivals– to we take time to pamper… More »

Solve Your Social Media Woes With The SELFIE Mirror

If you've always found taking a selfie to be a challenge-- short arm span is a reality and can be a problem-- then we have good news. Now there is a way you can take your selfie hands-free! No more ... More »

Week In Review: The Best Stories On StyleBlazer

Cheers, it's the weekend! But before we start to celebrate, let's take a minute to catch up on all the juicy celeb and industry news of the past week. In case you missed it, there were news of celebrity breakups, ... More »

This Is The Perfect Face To British Men: Survey Explores ‘Ideal’ Features

A British survey asked 500 men which celebrity had the ideal body parts– Megan Fox won the face portion of the questionnaire. … More »

The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Katy Perry Goes Green

Katy Perry has dyed her hair again! And this time it’s in the bold shade of green. The singer debut the look on Instagram on Tuesday…. More »

Glamour Launches New Online Beauty Destination, Lipstick

Just in time to answer all of our burning spring beauty questions, Glamour has launched a new digital-only beauty platform: Lipstick. Run by Glamour’s current beauty staff and a host of other guest editors-… More »

Someone Invented A Weave Vending Machine For Salons Nationwide

Just when we thought getting a sewn-in couldn’t be more efficient than it already is, a new invention is created that blows our minds. … More »

Hannah Bronfman Combines Fashion And Food For ‘Lifestyle Mirror’

Hannah Bronfman has officially solidified her place as best friend-in-our-head with her new cover shoot for Lifestyle Mirror magazine…. More »

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