Natural Hair

Curl Talk: Determining Your Hair Porosity


If you’ve been natural all your life or even if you’re a rookie, chances are you’ve heard the term “hair porosity” being thrown around in those video tutorials or by hair care professionals. Knowing what this word means is essential to your hair journey…. More »

Relaxer Kit Sales Drop, Natural Hair The New Norm

If there was any doubt the the Natural Hair Movement existed, there’s now plenty of support to back it up. The Grio did an in-depth piece, discovering that the sale of relaxer kits has dropped by 26 percent over the past five years, triggered by a cultural shift…. More »

Curl Talk: Adding Style To Your Big Chop

For those considering the big chop it can be very overwhelming. Will I look like a little boy? Will my hair really grow back? How long will it take? How the heck will I style it? Sure all these questions may be going through your mind,… More »

Happy Birthday Tracee Ellis Ross! We’re Celebrating Her Best Hair Moments

Tracee Ellis Ross is no stranger to the natural hair movement. And if you are like us, you have a Facebook album, Pintrest folder, or desktop folder full of her versatile hairstyles (we won’t even mention her style!)…. More »

Curl Talk: Your Guide To Co-Washing

Co-washing products

Co-washing. Sure you’ve heard of it, but you are still leery on exactly what it can for your hair. Check out our breakdown of the hair trend plus the products you will want to consider when you try it for yourself…. More »

6 Awesome Halloween Hair Tutorials For Natural Hair

StyleBlazers, Halloween is right around the corner and if you're still looking for costume ideas, you're in for a treat. No need to grab a wig or straighten your hair to pull-off some amazing costumes. Let your curls have a ... More »

Curl Talk: 5 Hot Hair Oils For Healthy Hair

If you find yourself traveling more than you should, your hair will start to feel the stress as well. With packing, running to catch flights, meetings, and making major moves, you have to make sure your hair is on point at all times… More »

Thursday Tresses: The Best Hair Of The Week

The complexities of curl pattern will never cease to amaze us. There was a time when black hair was lumped into one category, but research and cultural analysis has proven that the diversity in hair is endless. … More »

One Writer’s Reaction To’s Short Film ‘Can I Touch Your Hair?’

How many black women have been asked the question, “can I touch your hair?” Especially those wearing their hair in it’s natural state? If you’re anything like me, I’ve always wondered what the big deal was and so many people feel the need to touch something we all possess. Apparently,’s founder Antonia Opiah had the same question… More »

The Big Chop: One Reader’s Natural Hair Journey

Remember when Solange made her big chop back in 2009 and went on Oprah to talk about why she felt more liberated than ever? Four years ago, Solange set the Internet abuzz and naturalistas have been embracing their hair more and more ever since. We’re not saying that women didn’t rock their natural locks before, but it did mark an era where more… More »