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Brandy, Beyoncé Sport Tight Curls For The Spring

Natural Hair Sewn In

Looks the spring has sparked new hair for Brandy and Beyoncé, and they’ve decided to go the curly route. … More »

The Au Naturale Vs Fake Natural Debate: Does It Really Matter?

On Tuesday we posted the triple covers of Essence magazine with Solange Knowles, Ledisi and Erykah Badu. For each of their spring covers the ladies sport natural hairstyles. Knowles has an Afro, Badu has a twist out style and Ledisi rocks her natural locs…. More »

5 Simple Hairstyle Ideas For 4C Natural Hair

Of all the curly hair types, 4C is thought to be the most challenging. It’s harder for it to retain moisture, since the curls are so tightly coiled and the natural oils from the scalp cannot easily travel down the hair shaft. It also often has the least amount of definition to the curls, and can experience… More »

Curl Talk: Oyin Handmade Is Now At Target! We Talk To The Founder, Jamyla Bennu

Anytime we can go to Target (or any major retailer) and see a line of products dedicated to curly girls we’re more than overjoyed. So you can imagine our excitement that the newest kid on the natural hair block to hit Target shelves is a brand called Oyin Handmade…. More »

American Natural Hair Gurus Inspire Curly Girls Abroad

Ms Vaughn with fans

The natural hair movement is a nation of millions, but it wouldn’t exist without the people who’ve shared their journeys and tips online. Thanks to their internet pulpits, the gospel of textured hair acceptance has spread far and wide. Now, many of those visionary folks that started in their homes are courting audiences … More »

Beauty Without Struggle At, An Online Beauty Site For Multiethnic Women

For too long, women of color have had a difficult time finding correct makeup shades to match their skin tones. Makeup companies didn’t consider the wide range of colors and shades needed to complement people with brown skin tones, and makeup counters didn’t know what to do when “ethnic” women came searching for products. … More »

Black Hair Care Companies Looking Overseas for Expansion

Black women are big business when it comes to hair care. According to the Mintel report, African Americans spent a whopping $684 million dollars on hair products in 2013, a number that doesn’t include the billions dropped on weaves, tools, appliances, and at beauty supply stores. It’s a lucrative market… More »

Curl Talk: 6 Ways You Can Avoid Hair Breakage

At some point or another in a woman’s life, she always wants to grow out her hair. Whether it’s getting over a pixie or short cut, or just wanting to take your length the next level you have to remember one thing: avoid hair breakage at all costs…. More »

The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Heat Free Hair Unveils New Website, Extension Options

It didn’t take long for the Heat Free Hair movement to catch on, and now that founder Ngozi Opara has created a solid presence in the hair world she’s revamped the site and introducing two new products…. More »

10 Drugstore Beauty Finds Under $10

On average, how many times have you actually gone to a drugstore and left with what you went in for? The answer is probably zero. You end up with a cart full of random items hoping the cashier… More »