Our Top 5 Best Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week Ending 4.18.14

best celebrity beauty moments
Happy end of the week, StyleBlazers! We may have reverted back to winter temporarily in the east, but thankfully there were a lot of hot celebrity beauty looks to heat things up. With the MTV Movie Awards and celebs doing ... More »

StyleBlazer Man: Nike Unveils Brand New Air Jordan XX9

Today Michael Jordan helped Nike unveil the newest shoe from his iconic Jordan Brand, the Air Jordan XX9, an innovative design the brand hopes will be the future of basketball shoe construction…. More »

Filtered Flicks: This Week’s Most Stylish Celebrities On Instagram

Filtered Flicks is back again with this week’s most stylish celebrities! From Coachella style to everyday style (and even maternity style!), some of our favorite stars gave us our much-needed dose of chic. See which celebrities made the cut this week…. More »

Victoria Beckham Spent Her Birthday In The Grand Canyon Reminiscing

It says something about a celebrity when they choose to spend birthdays with close family and friends. Really, it says that they have their personal life in check…. More »

You’re Going To Want To Know ‘Gone Girl’ Actress Rosamund Pike


If you’re not familiar with this face you soon will be–say hello to Rosamund Pike. The British actress, and W Magazine’s cover girl twice over, is starring in what’s sure to be one of the biggest films of the year, “Gone Girl”… More »

Judge Dismisses B. Scott’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against BET

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos dismissed Scott’s case, ruling the network’s First Amendment rights to freedom of speech gave them the power … More »

15 Of Jay Z And Beyoncé’s Hottest On Stage Moments

The idea of Beyonce and Jay Z going on tour together is no foreign concept. For over ten years, the couple have been performing in concert… More »

Want A Tiny Waist Like Kim Kardashian’s? Try The Corset Diet

Recent reports revealed that Kim Kardashian reportedly has been sleeping in a corset every night to help whittle her middle so she can fit perfectly into her wedding gown for her upcoming nuptials to Kanye West. Sound absurd? Kim wouldn’t be the first celebrity to try out … More »

15 Ways We’ll Try To Cope Without ‘Scandal’

For those who haven’t seen the #ScandalFinale, don’t worry, we won’t spoil the ending for you!… More »

Your Morning Tea: Florida Women Arrested For Illegal Botox Clinic

It’s hard out here. We all know having a side job is sometimes vital to survive. But when it involves illegal Botox….. More »

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