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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionistas

Turkey Day just ended and you better believe we have already put out our Christmas trees, decked the halls with cheer and turned the outside of our house into an EDM trippy private concert. If you

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Beauty Mavens

Have you seen the viral video of the girl who accidentally purchased $700 of makeup from Sephora on her moms credit card? That’s us. All the time. Well, instead of feeling bad for accidentall

The Most Dope DIY Halloween Costumes

FreshLooks For Chicks Who Love HalloweenHalloween is right around the corner and if you’re as sick as we are of dressing like a MF cat every year, this article is for you. Halloween is the on

Bag Check! How to Travel With Just Carry Ons

Photo:@m.vicky.m As we start to make our wayinto the holidayseason and airports are a nightmare, now is not the time to check a bag. You don’t know when or whether you or your luggage wi

10 Pairs Of Over The Knee Boots For Under $300

Photo: WennThere really is no getting around it, you need a pair of over the knee boots for Fall/Winter. Whether you opt for flats, or heels, you need to make the investment in a pair of quality ov

This Week’s Style Picks: Fun With Color

In the second edition of StyleBlazer’s Style Picks, we thought we would round up a variety of versatile items that you can take on vacay with you and still find use for them if you’re h