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Now You Can Buy Your Nordstrom Favorites Via Text Message


Who knew those Louboutins we’ve been craving are now right at our fingertips… More »

Kendall Jenner Has A Crop Top For Every Occasion

Kendall Jenner is like the walking physical ideal of the athleisure trend. Her face gives high fashion with her perfectly shaped nose and youthful features while her body gives you taunt, tight and spry. It is the ideal for those ... More »

Gap Has A New Fast Fashion Strategy, And It Sounds Very Familiar

Taking a cue from the company’s lower-end chain store, Old Navy, Gap has decided to leap into the game of fast fashion… More »

Kick Off Summer (Literally) With Palm Tree Prints

Palm trees are the symbols of summer, and since it is our favorite time of the year, we are ready to rock the print. … More »

Crop Sets Are The Memorial Day Uniform

Paris Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2015 - Streetstyle

The trend that found itself on countless SS14 runways is back again, and we’re still in love. … More »

A New Editorial Spotlights The Black Dandy Queens

A French magazine known as Blackattitude spotlights the growing trend of black “Dandy Queens,” who are exceptional women who dress fly…. More »

This Graphic Artist Got A Huge Opportunity With Urban Outfitters

His company’s phrases and unique style of distracting media have made it a strong part of new-age downtown New York…. More »

Turn Your Tassels In Style: What To Wear To Graduation

Your grand finale outfit – as well as your entrance into adulthood – needs to be as popping as your last party of senior year…. More »

Filtered Flicks: Candid Cannes Instagram Moments

The Cannes Film Festival does not need a filter, but our favorite celebs used them anyways.
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White Hot! Essential White Fashion Pieces To Get Right Now

We don’t really believe in subscribing to a calendar for embracing certain fashion trends, but this impending Memorial Day holiday signifies the official start of summer…. More »