Latest Fashion Trends and Tips

Now We Know Why It’s So Hard To Get A Mansur Gavriel Bag


The craze for having a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag has been at an all time high – literally to the point where they’ve been out-of-stock everywhere. And now we know why… More »

Here’s Your Backstage Runway Pass, Courtesy Of Dior

The Parisian couture brand recently announced that its customers will now be getting a one-of-a-kind in-store experience thanks to an investment in virtual reality goggles…. More »

Garrett Leight’s Latest Eyewear Collab Has The Most Stylish Summer Specs

The optical expert teamed with designer, Mark McNairy, for a collection that offers an innovative take on classic frames… More »

There’s Some Major Changes Going On At ‘Lucky’ Magazine

Things aren’t looking so good over at ‘Lucky’ magazine … More »

The Reason Rihanna Gets All Of Those Magazine Covers


Her face pops on many a cover but now we have the actual reason why. The Bajan princess Rihanna gets booked by all of the magazines for this reason…. More »

Now You Can Buy Your Nordstrom Favorites Via Text Message

Who knew those Louboutins we’ve been craving are now right at our fingertips… More »

Kendall Jenner Has A Crop Top For Every Occasion

Kendall Jenner is like the walking physical ideal of the athleisure trend. Her face gives high fashion with her perfectly shaped nose and youthful features while her body gives you taunt, tight and spry. It is the ideal for those ... More »

Gap Has A New Fast Fashion Strategy, And It Sounds Very Familiar

Taking a cue from the company’s lower-end chain store, Old Navy, Gap has decided to leap into the game of fast fashion… More »

Kick Off Summer (Literally) With Palm Tree Prints

Palm trees are the symbols of summer, and since it is our favorite time of the year, we are ready to rock the print. … More »

Crop Sets Are The Memorial Day Uniform

The trend that found itself on countless SS14 runways is back again, and we’re still in love. … More »