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What Is The Next Big Trend In Menswear According To Paris Men’s Fashion Week?

Mens 2016 (June 2015)- WENN

This year’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week finds young clothes-hounds eagerly anticipating new trends and styles. We have for you the latest and greatest to see…. More »

Wearing The Confederate Flag Can Get You Fired

Officer Shannon Dildine posted a photo of himself onto Facebook wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of Confederate flag boxers… and was fired!… More »

Everything You Need To Know Before Saying ‘Yes’ To The Dress #TyingTheKnot

In New York City, the options for getting a wedding dress fitted are endless. But the options for a good and affordable seamstress narrow the field. … More »

‘Vanity Fair’ Follows Russell Westbrook Around Paris Fashion Week

The Oklahoma City Thunder guard is showcasing his unique brand of style at Paris Fashion Week. Vanity Fair covered Russell Westbrook’s time abroad…. More »

A ‘Project Runway’ For Teenagers Is Coming Soon

Final show of the 2nd polish season of Project Runway

Get ’em while they’re young! That’s the idea the folks at the Lifetime Channel have with their new spin-off of “Project Runway,” entitled “Project Runway Junior.”
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Jhené Aiko Captures ‘Soul of Summer’ With Latest Clothing Line

Jhené Aiko likes to put soul into everything she does. It’s a common theme in her music and now it’s even a part of her new clothing venture with Neff Headwear and Pacsun…. More »

BET Awards 2015: All The Fashion Moments You Didn’t See

The BET Awards saw the return of Bad Boy, a tribute to Janet Jackson and a lot of great fashion and beauty moments…. More »

10 Fashion Hacks To Seamlessly Go From Day To Night

In the 21st century there are a number of ways to transition seamlessly, without switching attire or even leaving your desk…. More »

Our Favorite Jewelry Brand Is Opening Its First Retail Store

Popular jewelry brand, BaubleBar, has announced that it’s planning to open its first retail store – which means no more endless days waiting for your order to arrive via mail… More »

It’s Time For You To Get Your Designs On A NYFW Runway

New York Fashion Week is going to be bananas this season. There’s going to be new venues, IMG is reportedly tapping into their WME resources… there will undoubtedly be an influx of designers showing off venue…. More »