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Afternoon Tea: New Trailer For The Hunger Games Takes Over The Internet


Whenever there’s any news about The Hunger Games, the world stops what its doing to pay attention. … More »

Happy Birthday Miami! 10 Stylish Things The City Should Be Proud Of

On its 118th birthday, there’s a lot Miami can be proud of. And no we’re not talking about Rick Ross and Cocaine Cowboys. … More »

Kendall And Kylie Jenner’s PacSun Collection Actually Has Cute Stuff

It’s about that time of year again, when back to school fashion is on everyone’s mind, whether you’re actually a student or not. Any excuse to buy new clothes right? … More »

Topshop Kicks Off Fall With New Cara Delevingne Campaign

Though Cara Delevingne has got to be one of the wackiest models in the business, she certainly glams up perfectly for the camera and always manages to steal the spotlight with her signature stare. … More »

Your Morning Tea: Researchers Want You To Sleep Less


Every once in a while comes news that totally transforms the way we live. The last revelation was our actual bra size and now, studies are showing that the amount of sleep….. More »

Time To Stack Up With Catbird For J. Crew Jewelry

J. Crew is oh so good at collaborations! The powerhouse has released a collaboration featuring the Brooklyn-based accessories brand Catbird…. More »

Alexander Wang Goes Into Survival Mode For Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

    Alexander Wang has finally released his fall 2014 ad campaign! Much like his theme for fall 2014, he tapped into the idea of survival. " The idea of survival at a reformation camp was the theme of the ... More »

Festival Bans Headdresses In Canada, No Appropriation Here!

In continuing stories of cultural appropriation, one festival has taken a definitive stance. Bass Coast,an EDM festival held in Merritt, Canada has banned any and all attendees from sporting Native American-style headdresses at their events. In a press release, that team announced that security would be enforcing the rule onsite in an effort to protect the “dignity of aboriginal peopl… More »

Week In Review: The Best Stories On StyleBlazer

Photo: SIPA/WENN The end of summer is slowly becoming a reality. This is the last official weekend of July and the month will close in a few short days. But we won't lament, at least not while we still have ... More »

The CFDA Has Acquired the Fashion Calendar

After extending Diane Von Furstenberg’s term as president, the CFDA has acquired the Fashion Calendar… More »