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Fashion Faux Pas: Your Faux Fur Might Be Made From Real Animal Hair


PETA is not going to be happy about this…. More »

There Are Now Smart Mannequins That Can Tell You What They’re Wearing

As if there’s any other excuse for fashion mavens to go shopping, there are now smart mannequins ready to send you some style inspiration to your phone… More »

Kate Spade Just Launched A Swimwear Line For Holiday Beach Going

After a few months of waiting, the debut collection for Kate Spade swimwear is here, and it’s perfect for holiday vacationing!… More »

This Year London! Next Year, Victoria’s Secret Is Going To Puerto Rico

After showing lingerie in London for 2014, Victoria’s Secret is packing up their angels and headed to Puerto Rico for swimwear in 2015…. More »

Joy Bryant Expands Beyond The Basics For Denim Line, Basic Terrain

Basic Terrain Main

Creating a line fit for all casually chic enthusiasts, Joy Bryant has decided to go beyond the basics for the New Year…. More »

Buying Guide: 10 Scarves To Tie Right Now

Since the number 1 fashion inquiry googled in 2014 was “How to tie a scarf,” we’ve chosen 10 scarves to try your new skills on…. More »

Week In Review: The Best Stories On StyleBlazer

This past week was filled with twists and turns and a surprise around every corner. Most shocking was the death of Titi Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie's. Kim Kardashian also gave us quite a shock, as she's known to do, ... More »

How Naomi Campbell Continued To Slay The Game In 2014

At 40 years of age, Naomi Campbell has administered slay after slay to the fashion game this year. Let’s take a look…. More »

Jared Leto Just Launched A Shop Based On His Personal Style

Let's all be honest, you all want a piece of Jared Leto to be close to you at all times. Who, in their right mind, wouldn't? Well we've got a bit of news for you that might brighten up your ... More »

StyleBlazer Man: Tom Ford Wants To Take Care Of Your Beard

Tom Ford is helping guys take care of their beards in the most luxurious of ways. Meet his line of beard oils…. More »