Louis Vuitton Slaps A Suit On Former Employee Who Jumped Ship To Coach


In messy employee news, Louis Vuitton’s North American (LVNA) division is suing former VP, Joon Ma for breach of contract. And it looks like they have a solid case. … More »

25 WTF Red Carpet Fashion Moments You Forgot About


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The Kimye Wedding Invite Is Unexpectedly Understated

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Still waiting on your wedding invite from Kim and Kanye? Us, too. (And we’re not holding our breath or anything.) But thanks to Us Weekly, all the non-Kardashian/West insiders can now get a look… More »

That’s Not Classy: Solange Physically Attacks Jay Z At MET Ball After Party (Update!)

Solange Jay Z  thumb

We’re actually speechless from this news. The 2014 MET Gala has always been a fairly classy affair from years past, as one of fashion’s leading events. So it was a shock to see Solange attack Jay Z in an elevator. … More »