15 White Jeans For Every Mood Of Summer

white jeans
One thing you can count on every summer-- other than the tiring heat-- is the return of white jeans as the denim du jour. They are the perennials of the denim world, coming back every season to reclaim their place ... More »

How Celebrities Celebrated The 4th Of July!

july 4th
Celebs are just like us...but not really. Like us, they celebrated the Fourth of July surrounded by family and friends. Unlike us their celebration took place in locations such as a Malibu beach house. So if you're still recovering from ... More »

#FitSpo: Summer Workout Clothing For Your Wardrobe To Buy Now

3 monreal mesh performance dress

To keep those thighs tight and to lessen the amount of work you’ll have to do next year, it’s wise to keep up some semblance of a work out routine. So with Net-a-Sporter not quite here yet, we’ve taken the opportunity to count out 15 pieces to add to your summer workout wardrobe!… More »

How To Rock A Summer Suit!

summer suits
We already shopped the summer suit for you and now we're rounding up a few celebs to show you how to rock them. What makes summer suits a must-have during the summer months is that they are not only lightweight-- ... More »