Thursday Tresses: The Best Hair Of The Week

Summer afros thumb

There’s no holding back this week. Everyone in this week’s ‘Thursday Tresses’ has their hair out and ready for the spring. … More »

5 Chicago Fashion Designers Making The Windy City Look Good

This month marks the release of a new documentary from our sister company Moguldom Films called “Gunland,” which is a direct look into the extreme gun violence that’s plaguing Chicago and taking the lives of way too many young men and women. … More »

Want To Trade Your Gently Used Designer Clothing Online? Try SnobSwap!

SNOBSWAP is one of the latest online start-up resale communities that allows their members to trade-in or “swap” their used designer clothing items with other members… More »

“Who Would Your Celebrity Bridesmaid Be?” We Put The Top 3 Results To The Test!

It’s still wedding season! As if women need an excuse to talk about weddings. That’s why king of internet quizzes, Buzzfeed’s “Who Would Your Celebrity Bridesmaid Be?” is circulating around the internet faster than Drake memes… More »

Shop 10 Mid-Heel Sandals To Stomp Around In This Spring

mid-heel sandals
It's starting to feel a lot like spring, which only means one thing: summer is right around the corner. We know it's only the end of April, but that doesn't mean we can't get away with wearing sandals. Even if you want ... More »

15 Magnificent Mediterranean Inspired Dresses For Your Next Vacay

Walking through a SoHo showroom, we spotted the most magnificent dresses on Wednesday. We don’t use the term “magnificent” often, but that’s the best way to describe the pieces from Sea and Candela’s spring 2014 collections. … More »

Red Carpet Rundown: JHud, Fergie & More Celebrate The Brown Shoe Company’s 100th NYSE Anniversary

We’ve seen brands throw parties to celebrate new collaboration launches, store openings, celebrity partnerships and decade anniversaries. But, we can honestly say this is the first time we’ve witnessed someone celebrate 100 years of being… More »

Rachel Roy Files Lawsuit Against Jones Apparel Group

Rachel Roy has filed a lawsuit against the Jones Apparel Group, after the company sold her now-defunct business to Bluestar Alliance for $14.6 million… More »