Adidas Debuts Luxury Throwback Kicks For The Sneakerhead In All Of Us


When adidas uses their imagination to update some of their classic shoe styles, you can bet we’re paying attention. That’s the case with the recently released WMS Sneaker Pack–a trio of throwback kicks that they updated with today’s “ladies and luxury” in mind…. More »

10 Products To Treat Damaged Hair


From constant UVA/UVB exposure to frequent styling damage, subjection to the elements can leave our strands dull and lifeless for sure. To add some healing hydration back to fried and overstyled locks, we’re trying the best moisturizing must-haves … More »

Afternoon Tea: Don’t Call Lauren Conrad Basic


Lauren Conrad does not take insults lightly, especially this form of public humiliation (sort of). The MTV starlet-turned-designer took to Twitter on Monday to voice her disapproval and anger over being called “basic” … More »

Shop Target’s Print Ads With Their New App


If you’ve ever flipped through a magazine and wanted to rip out and advertisement and just magically add it to your life, you’re about to be pretty happy with this news from Target…. More »