Playboy Now Wants To Downplay Their Nude Content (Huh?)

Playmate of the Year

Playboy has announced today it’s re-launch of where it will include (non-nude) features… More »

In Honor Of National Dog Day: 18 Celebrity Puppy Lovers


Outside of diamonds (and reality TV and snacks), dogs are a woman’s best friend. That’s why we were so excited when a little birdie told us that it’s National Pet Week,… More »

Beyonce Gifts Nicki Minaj With “Flawless” Necklace At VMAs

Flawless Remix thumb

From our everyday perception, Beyonce seems like the perfect wife, mother and performer (the latter is a no brainer), and now we can add friend to the list. Nicki Minaj jumped on Instagram to rub in our face show her gratitude to Queen B, for gifting her with a blinged-out, diamond “Flawless” necklace at the VMAs. You’ll recall the two … More »

Charlize Theron Shares Her Wisdom On Beauty And Motherhood In Exclusive Interview

Paris Fashion Week - Dior - Outside

Charlize Theron has a timeless elegance about her that we can’t quite seem to put our fingers on… More »