Makeup Or Make-Up: British Stars Who Have American Doppelgangers

Cherly Cole Maria Menounos

If there was ever proof that we’re all connected in one way or another, it’s through physical features. These British stars look like they have family across the Atlantic. … More »

The Blue Wave: Is This Hair Trend About To Blow Up?


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Giuliana Rancic Is Obsessed With Her Platinum Blonde Hair

Giuliana Rancic blonde thumb

Giuliana Rancic has blonde ambition and she’s so serious about it, that she’s gone platinum blonde. The E! News host visited MeChe Salon in Beverly Hills for the new color. … More »

Adidas Debuts Luxury Throwback Kicks For The Sneakerhead In All Of Us


When adidas uses their imagination to update some of their classic shoe styles, you can bet we’re paying attention. That’s the case with the recently released WMS Sneaker Pack–a trio of throwback kicks that they updated with today’s “ladies and luxury” in mind…. More »