The Most Inspirational #Fatkini Posts On Instagram

No matter what size you are, wearing a bikini can make any girl feel a little bit self-conscious. Especially when you compare yourself  to the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. However, being plus-sized and putting on a two-piece takes ... More »

15 Amazing Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Go Grey

grey hairstyles
Hair companies make tons of profits from hair dyes promising to cover grey hair. But thanks again to social media for some of the good stuff it highlights, there are a number of folks proudly flaunting their natural grey or ... More »

20 Things To Do Before You Have A Baby


Ring? Check. Career? Check. Baby? Not so fast…. More »

There’s A Magical Phone App That Will Make Your Photos Into Nail Prints

JINsoon at Tess Giberson Fall/Winter 2014

Yeeeeeas! We can finally have nails as dope as Beyonce. That’s right, NCLA has taken nail design to new heights with their fresh phone application.
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