Your Complete Guide To The Coolest Summer Jeans

summer denim guide
Let's be honest, no one really stops wearing jeans just because it's summer. But, when it does come to summer denim, it's best to have a plan. What kind of looks are you going for this season—on-trend and in-the-know or ... More »

Megan Fox Joins Instagram With Makeup Free Selfies

Megan Fox Instagram thumb

If you ever wanted to know more about Megan Fox, you now can, as the actress has finally joined Instagram…. More »

UPDATE: Jessica Simpson Teases Us With Wedding Dress Picture

Jessica Simpson People thumb

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In Rihanna Fashion, Singer Wears Night Gown To Watch World Cup

Rihanna lingerie thumb

Rihanna is really taking her CFDA fashion honor to the head, because this look was off and unappealing. … More »