A Breakdown Of The 15 Best Celebrity Selfie Stars

dray michele selfie
What did we do before the celebrity selfie? It was one thing to have the media splatter famous faces all over our TV's and computers, but it was a whole other thing entirely when they were able to do it ... More »

Your Morning Tea: Karrueche Tran Gets Called Out Of Her Name

Karrueche Tran Karamaloop thumb

Apparently it’s not “sidechick.”… More »

The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Kendall Jenner In French ‘Vogue’ (Kind Of A Big Deal!)

Kendall Jenner Vogue

Kendall Jenner has scored yet another fashion gig, and at this point it’d be silly for us to act surprised…. More »

Who Runs The World? Girls Like Beyoncé And Gaga, Says ‘Forbes’


Heads of state and CEOs are the types of people you expect to see on a list of the world’s most powerful women, but as the media landscape evolves, so, too, does the power and relevance of women in other types of spotlights. … More »