13 Best Products To Burn Belly Fat Fast

burn belly fat
Crop-top season is definitely upon us, so if you’re itching for some toned and sexy abs, we’ve got 13 belly busters for that sizzling midsection. From fat-burning beauty products, to workouts you don’t have to be a pro-athlete to enjoy, check ... More »

Summer Hairspiration: The Best Celebrity Braids

best celebrity braids

Say goodbye to your bad hair days. Braids are a perfect solution for those mornings when your hair is just not cooperating, and perfect for a quick and stylish way to complete your outfit. From romantic and intricate braids to bedhead braids, this hair trend… More »

The 10 Best Thighs On Instagram

best thighs

From Shakira to Jennifer Lopez to Naomi Campbell, stars take their thighs from the stage, red carpet or runway and show them off on Instagram. These IG users put their thighs front and center, and they don’t need a filter. … More »

A Breakdown Of The 15 Best Celebrity Selfie Stars

dray michele selfie
What did we do before the celebrity selfie? It was one thing to have the media splatter famous faces all over our TV's and computers, but it was a whole other thing entirely when they were able to do it ... More »