15 Heartful Quotes From Fashion On Twitter #RIPMayaAngelou

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Every pocket of society gained from her prolific words– even the fashion community…. More »

No One Attended The 2014 World Music Awards, Except For These 12 Stars

The 2014 World Music Awards
With the title World Music Awards, you'd think everyone would be there. But it was very much the opposite at the 2014 World Music Awards, held yesterday, May 27th, which didn't produce too many big names from the music industry. In ... More »

Workout Wednesday: 10 Detox Approved Snacks To Stay In Shape

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The temperatures are warming up fast and it’s clearly the time of year where everyone is typically in the gym, at spin class, or just trying to stick to their New Year’s resolution of shedding those extra pounds. But along with working out, eating healthy plays a vital role in making your body feel clean … More »

Celebrity Approved: Floral Prints

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Aprils showers bring May flowers, and this spring celebs are in full bloom. From street style to red carpets, floral prints are everywhere. Incorporating floral prints in your wardrobe is a fun way to brighten up your look, and add a pop of color…. More »