#PFW Day One Recap: Designers Take Hems To New Heights

paris fashion week day 1
Paris Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with smaller designers who are not nationally known except for Anthony Vaccarello. When it comes to showing skin, Vaccarello has that in the bag. He is the master of all things leather, mini, slicedĀ and ... More »

4 Things We Learned From Joan Smalls ‘Self’ Magazine Interview

Joan Smalls Self thumb

Taking workout advice from a model is like taking organization advice from the President, it’s a little intimidating. But this interview is worth the read…. More »

Blake Griffin Covers GQ’s First “Age Issue”


GQ continues their mission to look awesome at any age, they launch their inagural ‘Age Issue.’ Blake Griffin covers the issue, and Clive Owen, Tom Selleck, Norman Reedus, and Chadwick Boseman are featured alongside to give adivce on looking sharp and living well. … More »

The 5 Fall Boot Styles You Need In Your Closet

fall boot styles

Now that the first day of fall is here, read on to make sure the five boot styles you need for the season are checked off your shopping list…. More »