Power Star Naturi Naughton Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

SB Exclusive: Naturi Naughton On The ‘Power’ Of TV Makeup & A Daily Routine

naturi naughton

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You probably recognize Naturi Naughton from her early days with 3LW, or work in movies like Fame, Notorious, and the Broadway play Hairspray.  As of late, the 31 year old star plays Tasha St. Patrick, the wife of leading man Ghost St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) in the hit Starz series Power. 

Besides killing it with her edgy and sophisticated looks, what else can we expect to see from the stunning Tasha this season?

Naughton reveals, “It’s exciting to see Tasha become more of a boss and more gangster. Tasha is not one to be messed up. In season two, everyone will see how strong she is. She’s not just relying on Ghost anymore. She’s getting her own money. The entire journey for my character in season two is about gaining my own strength and that’s pretty awesome to watch. You might actually fear Tasha at some point.”

We recently chatted with Naughton about all things beauty, including her favorite go-to products and what every woman should incorporate into their daily routines.

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StyleBlazer: How are you and Tasha’s look similar (or different)?

Naturi: Tasha is a mom and has more money in the bank from…building a drug empire with Ghost. She can constantly shop and buy whatever she wants. I don’t have that life, yet. The similarities are that we both love to be done up and girly-girls. I love glam and to be fabulous. My personal style is more youthful and not as edgy.

StyleBlazer:  What’s your everyday beauty routine while on set?
Naturi: Getting ready for my character Tasha in Power is a process. She’s a lot more glam than I am. I’m really big on washing and exfoliating my face so my skin feels clear and refreshed. Every other day, my makeup artist, Anita Gibson, uses the Clairosonic. It brightens up the face and takes off the dead skin. Then, I put a warm semi-hot cloth over my face and neck. It opens up my pores and relaxes me.

After that, it’s all about moisturizing. I use Dermologica toner, facial cleanser, and non-oily lotion. Then begins the two-hour transformation into Tasha who is wearing full beat makeup, contouring, lashes, and wig. I have fun every day I go to work because turning into Tasha is being a badass boss. It’s fun seeing her evolve.


naturi naughton

Photo: WENN

StyleBlazer: What’s your everyday makeup look and some of your favorite items?

Naturi: I love to play in makeup. I do my own makeup quite a bit. A lot of people don’t know that. I love Demi Wispies Lashes and M.A.C Ruby Woo lipstick. It stays all night and doesn’t get on my teeth. Chatterbox is another M.A.C lipstick I love.

On the daily, I try to wear fresh-faced, very clean makeup. If I do wear makeup, I use a little concealer to cover up blemishes and concealer under the eye. I use Make Up For Ever HD Liquid Foundation with a fan brush and do light coverage. I have a lot of Mac eye shadow palettes with really deep purples and golds. One of my favorite colors in gold is Amber Light. I’m obsessed with makeup in general, whether it’s light or dramatic.

StyleBlazer: What’s your go-to beauty secret?

Naturi: One of the key things we underestimate is rest. Resting our bodies keeps our eyes, cheeks, and skin from looking tired.

One thing I’m learning is that things happen with your skin. One of the key things for me is consistency. I’m very big on using wipes to take off my makeup when I come home from set or a photo shoot. I wash my face two times. First with an exfoliator, then a soft cleanser. I never skip steps. Sometimes we go right to bed in our makeup and then we wonder why our skin is so clogged. Push yourself to stay on a regimen.

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